Ghost? Aliens? Entities? or MILAB experience? You decide.

So last night at 1:00am on the dot my bedroom door opens. I am curled up with my husband and almost asleep. I assume it’s one of my kids coming in and I peek over my husband to see what I believed was my daughter. I closed my eyes and she closed the door. My daughter usually comes in my bedroom really early in the morning and curls up at the foot of my bed. She never would just open and close the door. So I go out to see if something is wrong with her. I check all three kids in the house who were all truly sound asleep with their little faces relaxed on their pillows. I check the house, we’re locked in with not a window or door unlocked. Something/someone definitely just opened and closed my door and it was not any of my kids.

Now, I’m no sheep. I am friends with shadow people and other entities/beings I get along with. I am comfortable with the fact that these entities are around me all the time and I talk with them and they are my best friends when I’m most alone. I am an orgone engineer and there’s a ton of orgone in my house. No negative entity is technically able to exist in my space. Neutral and positive are welcome.

I am an investigator of the paranormal and a thelemite. I believed for over 10 years I was “haunted” only to discover that I had PK every since I was a teenager. I am not likely to believe it’s a ghost. I found studies by other investigators with 30 years under their belt, that claimed over 80% of  their investigations were actually able to be proven linked to a person with PK in the house. Less than 20% over thirty years were actually ghost/poltergeist phenomenon. This cannot be PK as I saw someone or something and with PK except extreme circumstance thats not normal.

My husband thought perhaps my daughter had astral projected since I saw her. I still hold it a possibility. Both my children are homeschooled and non-vaccinated and have been able to learn and excel at an incredibly advanced rate and both show signs of psychic ability. My youngest daughter talks to the spirits around her and tells me when she sees other “monsters” and other beings in “corners”. My oldest can lucid dream and since it was her I saw, astral projection probably isn’t out of the question.

I’ve had astral abduction/milab/TI experiences since I was a teenager. All are documented in my dream journals. It’s made me into an astral warrior. I’m now able to escape dreams I dont like, manifest ones I do and teach those in my dreams to do the same. I excel at beating the “staged dream scenarios” that are set up for me. I’ve experienced “black helicopter phenomena”  since I began clearing the sky with orgone in 2012. Several times a day/night the black helicopters stalk over my house making all sorts or noise and this has gone on for three years and through three moves. My present neighbors are incredibly sketched about it since it’s only happened in this location since I moved in and none of them know what to make of it. These helicopters fly annoyingly low almost touching the roof of trailers and homes. Luckily I am moving from here at the end of the month. Part of my brain is obviously concerned that this was some black ops/milab experience.

I believe I became a milab after my alien experience as a teenager which is documented in my book “The Starseed Conspiracy” by Casondra Starseed. I have always declared that I am happy to be a pleiadian and a contactee. But I will say friendly beings don’t usually wait for you to be asleep to enter. This is what creeped me out. Through all the years I have never had any experience with beings actually using a physical door to enter my room. The beings I deal with can appear/disappear at will and have no use for doors. What kind of entity uses a bedroom door and then is seen as a familiar child when accidentally seen? Then closes the door and disappears? Why would it not just appear invisibly in my room? Actually why was it physical at all?

This led me to another questionable experience.

I had a strange experience last month where I was dreaming that I was at a party in a house on a mountain. In this dream I saw two suns in the sky and two moons. I had sex in my dream at this party but when I woke up I was missing a very interesting piece of body jewelry. I’ve had my clit pierced since I was 15 years old. Actually my husband pierced it for me when we were dating. I have had the same ring in ALL that time. I never took it out even during birth with both my children,. It has never EVER come out in the now 11 years it has stayed in. When I awoke from the dream I was shocked to wake up, get into the shower and discover it was gone. I mean GONE. Not in bed somewhere, it still has not appeared. I had to put another ring in it because the one I had for 11 years disappeared in my sleep.

And then there’s aliens. Of course most of my friends commented with the aliens meme. Most checked the UFO report and there were three confirmed last night in my area. UFO’s can be real UFO’s OR government milab/black ops projects.

If any of these terms are unfamiliar to you I seriously encourage you to google and research them.

So seriously… what do you think opened my bedroom door? Comment below and let me know your opinions! I would love to hear them 🙂

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Pleiadian Transmission 9-17-2015

Automatic writing transmission taken 9-17-2015, ☉ in 24° ♍ : ☽ in 13° ♏

Brothers and sisters, today I reach out to you to discuss the choice you have right now. We are coming up on the fall Equinox on September 23rd 2015. There has been a great deal of turmoil in the world. It seems like every fall the overlords try to keep out focus on economic collapse, possible asteroid impacts and other fear based propaganda. Why is that? I will show you why.

Since 2012 we have been bombarded with cosmic rays which act like upgrades to our DNA. These frequencies are working on the genetic level. In the past you have been explained that fear is a LONG and SLOW emotion, which only interacts with DNA 1/8 as much as the LOVE vibration does, as shown here:


Emotions are the key to upgrading your DNA, so of course the planet’s overlords would like you to focus your energy and emotions on being in fear. Fears of refugees, asteroid impacts, economic collapse, and everything else. There are many less coding points for DNA in fear then love.

I began my journey as a fear-based prepper and found my true self through love. It has become been my motto to prepare for the worst and hope for the best. I have preps and plans and do not live my life in fear. Being prepared for different scenarios is a great thing to do and it reduces the stress of unpreparedness. Prepare for the false flags but do not live in fear of them.

We are being bombarded with cosmic rays interacting with ours DNA, except you can’t grow when you are in fear. The falling overlords know this and want you to live your life in the vibration of fear (which is why terrorism, ect is jammed down our throats.) because you cannot grow in fear. If instead you decide to approach this coming time of the Fall Equinox, and last Blood Moon of the Tetrad with love and acceptance for the change taking place the coding is going to effect you greatly.

So many people believe this will be a time of apocalyptic change, and it is going to be. The people have awoken, and are still awakening. Three things cannot long be hidden: the sun, the moon, and the truth. We know the truth. We want change, and its happening as fast as people can accept it.


My brothers and sisters are NOT peasants, though we are treated as such.  At the beginning, the positive bloodline was reduced to little more than cattle, it was turned off to stay in line and serve the masters. The negative bloodlines remained turned on due to their hybrid genetics, but not fully. Both would have to find inside themselves their divine light and upon doing so, realizing the true nature of every human would cause a Golden Age of Light and Life where people shared and respected and loved one another. In the old paradigm we believed their was not enough of anything, money, time, love and it caused greed, envy, jealousy, and war. Our overlords still exist in this paradigm. We do not. Grow food, share & trade what you have, be kind, and love each other above all.


What the overlords want LEAST of all is all of us to start loving each other, and sharing our food, time, love and energy with each other. We would all suddenly realize that we can care for each other and help each other just fine. Sometimes advice can be a saving grace for a person, so just taking the time to talk can make a huge difference in a person’s life. The people of Earth are not the groups we have been divided into. We are not “white” or “black” or “Asian.”  We are souls incarnated as humans incarnated on Earth, we are star people. And at this time, we are here to CHANGE the world. So DON’T be afraid of it! It is all working itself out and shall continue to. Those who are crazy enough to believe they can change the world are the ones who do. Do not fear, change is here and it’s going to be a beautiful new dawn.


Love, light and 93.

Casondra Starseed

XVideos, Casondra Starseed’s Dark Side


I announced on my channel almost a month ago I became an XVideos verified account member. I’m in the process of applying for a pro account!

I have received mostly support though some criticism for doing so. My main reason for making my account is that I had a tantric massage video I added to youtube that got 6K views in TWO days before it was taken down for “nudity.” Now, the crazy thing is that, I lay on my stomach the whole time, you never see my boobs or anything else except the side of my butt! You and I would agree there are far racier videos on youtube with millions of views but mine was pulled after the 2nd day. I was very upset when it was pulled, so were my fans, and after just a few days I realized the restrictions of youtube were holding me back from doing my tantra videos to the fullest.

For the first time since I had kids, I felt great about my body, which is a major feat for me. I am finally down to a lower weight then before I had my first child at 18! This was the reason I did my naked tantra video, because I finally felt comfortable doing it. I finally felt proud of my body, even though my c-section scar makes me cringe. I bought my first bikini in like 4 years this year!

I knew my XVideos channel would be successful because of the kind of comments I get A LOT! Sometimes on my worst days I would open up my Emerald Tablets videos just to read the comments to feel better. My fans love me and I love them 🙂 Before I even announced I was doing my new channel my fans who I can only assume must have been searching “Casondra Starseed porn” found my new page and were adding and commenting me.

My fans wanted to see me on that level with them, and where we take lovemaking. We, because I ONLY do videos with myself and my husband (though I have been trying to talk him into threesomes). My fans have been there, some with me for YEARS! Some watched me grow from a newbie esoteric student into who I am today. I was a young girl when I started on youtube and now I am a woman. I think it’s safe to say they saw the girl grow up and wanted to see the woman I am now.

I think my fans love that I bring an essence to the porn industry that just isn’t there or wasn’t before. The essence of a woman who takes magick to the bedroom (tantra), who loves her husband and isn’t just paid to make a film and fake it. I’m REAL.

And where I am going to be doing tantra videos my collection isn’t limited to that. I have uploaded some older videos from 2011, 2013 and some new ones. I plan to do a a Khaleesi video called “Milf of Dragons” and am trying to convince Justin to let us take our arsenal out to do a literal gun porn film but I’m trying to find a private location I can shoot at.

Now that I have finished publishing my second book “Hands of Isis: Energy Work Unveiled” I’m excited to attend Pennsic this summer and work on my xvideos channel as well as playing my new piano I got this year. 🙂

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See you all on the dark side 😉

Hands of Isis: Energy Work Unveiled Release Date!

Hey everyone!

My long awaited book is done and I’m in the editing and spell-checking process.

The release date for amazon and lulu is Summer Solstice June 21st, 2015.



Hands of Isis: Energy Work Unveiled

Praise for Hands of Isis: Energy Work Unveiled.
Any person from any walk of life and level of study can pick up this book and put together a wealth of knowledge on the entire history, use of and application of energy work from healing to transcendental magick.
New age students, students of the occult and esoteric, as well as beginners will have a wealth of information to digest in reading these pages. If you ever wanted one book that put together all the basics you need to learn to dive into energy work and magick, this is that book.
Hands of Isis traces energy work from antediluvian times, through history to the present and future. It connects occult and esoteric wisdom through the ages with newly emerging controversial information and pleiadian teachings.
The book covers a wide range of important topics from the debate of the ego to tantra with entire chapters devoted to tantra, history, application, explanations, quotations, references, and pieces religions together tracing energy work in all of them.
As a level III reiki master this book shows Casondra’s journey to discover the true history of energy work and it’s relation to the advancement of spirituality, kabbalah, religions, and ascension in general. A book like it is no where else to be found except in the 700 pages of Manly P Hall’s Secret Teachings of All Ages.
The goal of the book is to bring “the glory of the stars into the hearts of men.” Anyone who dares pick up this book will be forever changed and illuminated. Read it if you dare,
“The cave you fear to enter holds the treasure that you seek.” – Joseph Campbell
Enter the cave, read the book, seek the treasure.

I know you have all been waiting a LONG time patiently for me to finish this up. The book was a VERY long project and compilation you will enjoy very much. The book is over 200 pages of techniques and information. Whether in digital or paperback you’ll definitely want to add this to your library.
I hope you all love it, please leave me a review on it too!
Also, if you are interested in winning a FREE signed copy, please visit my facebook page, Casondra Starseed and share the promo photo for a chance to win a free signed copy.
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Love, light and wholeness my brothers and sisters!
Casondra Starseed

Why Television Is Making You Poor

The average American works 1-2 jobs, 6-12 hours a day.

The average American then goes home and watches FIVE hours of television a day. Then goes to sleep.

“In the 1940’s General Eisenhower’s senior communications expert, Russian born David Sarnoff, helped create Television for America..He also created one of the largest broadcasting networks on the planet less than a decade later-NBC. By 1970 the American public averaged over 5 hours a day of television for every man woman and child-over 70% of the adult population watched the news every single night. Amidst an uncontrollably changing social and political landscape, such a powerful tool to direct the flow of information was necessary to shape the minds of generations to come.”

The average American makes $32,000 per year and spends $66/month or almost $800 a year on television entertainment. That’s without buying any DVDs or games.

Now, Americans that spend 5 hours a day watching television actually spend 1,825 hours a YEAR watching television.

The average American is also apx $15,000 in debt.

This post was written by your NOT SO AVERAGE American.

I am 26 years old, I have ZERO debt, and I have also NEVER EVER paid for cable or bothered with college. The addicted television enthusiasts are asking themselves now, “WHAT on Earth do you do with your time?!”

I.Make.Money. 24 hours a day.

I’m a stay at home, homeschooling mom of three (two +1 foster child), and I have two youtube channels, plus an ebay store. When I am not busy with mom duty, I’m busy fulfilling ebay orders and making videos for youtube. I actually generate quite a bit of money from youtube, more then from ebay, but I do put a LOT of TIME into it. In fact, the $84 a YEAR I spend on Hulu+ is covered by the first month of youtube earnings.

Did you know :

  • YouTube has more than 1 billion users
  • Every day people watch hundreds of millions of hours on YouTube and generate billions of views
  • The number of hours people are watching on YouTube each month is up 50% year over year
  • 300 hours of video are uploaded to YouTube every minute
  • ~60% of a creator’s views comes from outside their home country
  • YouTube is localized in 75 countries and available in 61 languages
  • Half of YouTube views are on mobile devices
  • Mobile revenue on YouTube is up over 100% y/y

I’m serious, if you aren’t cashing in on youtube monetization you are working hard for no reason. I used to be the average American, I used to work a 9-5, never see my kids, pay for daycare, and was generally depressed with my life because I was not living it fruitfully. No one wants to work to scrape by, to miss out on their kids lives. We live in an age where if you have basic people, and computer skills you really do NOT have to.

Have you ever wondered how there are so many stay at home single moms, making over $10,000 a month writing blogs? How there are so many millionaires yet still so many struggling Americans? What is it they know that you dont? Just the fact that the internet can be used to make you rich, instead of working for someone else your whole life to make someone else rich. With youtube, a person can retire in 5-10 years, can the average American worker say the same?

Did you know that the second richest person on youtube, behind Katy Perry was a woman who opens surprise eggs for kids? Her channel is worth 6-12 MILLION a year!

Stop watching OTHER people become successful and living glamorous lives on television while your bills and debts pile up. CUT YOUR CABLE CORD!!!!! All the time you spend wasting watching television is making you poor by default.

I am a big fan of Dr.Who, and my kids like TV, but I make sure that I lead by example in my home. I dont waste all my time watching TV, my kids see me work hard on my online duties, and I stay up late working on videos and packaging orders after I read to my kids. I want them to see how to work for success.

In 2012 I started making videos on youtube. I used my tax money to buy a new all in 1 desktop, a new printer, and a webcam. One of my subscribers actually donated money for me to buy a headset so they could hear me better. The first year I made $5,000 on youtube and my husband and I agreed I could stay home after my second child instead of returning to work. I actually had etsy at that time instead of ebay, and my first year on etsy I made $7,000. I invested about $500 in materials for etsy to start my business. I changed to ebay this year following a issue with etsy over a $700 purchase they wanted to screw me out of. So now I have ebay. And I love them. Even if I dont love their fees.

When I remember how much I used to spend to live my life while working, I am really shocked at how many people still do it.

Remember the average American makes $32,000 a year, minus their $800 a year in cable. Also subtract $5,000 in childcare, or thats what I spent annually. I know people who spend  LOTS more. Minus almost $10,000 in rent or your mortgage, minus $1,200 in electric bills/year, minus $600/year in internet costs (yours could be more), minus $1,200 in phone costs (yours could be more or less, mine is ZERO because I got a kindle fire HD and had a friend hack a phone app),  minus $3,200 in heating costs/year (for me about $800/tank @ 4 tanks/year), minus apx $7,200/yr in food costs or $600/month, you have $2,800 left over at the end of the year on “extras”. Don’t even get me started on car or health insurance we are mandated to have. Or gas costs to and from work, or lunch at work or amenities. You have $2,800 a year for that, which doesn’t really cover it does it? Americans are being worked into debt.

I’m mostly writing this for the poor American’s who are stuck in their lifestyle of debt right now. Trapped in front of the telly, and on their phones, watching other people on TV become successful; working themselves to death, making their seniors rich instead of themselves. And its sad so many Americans are so mesmerized by the TV  that Fukushima is melting down and irradiating and devastating our oceans, nuclear power is still considered just fine, the police are being militarized, killing innocent people, wars rage, genetically modified food poisons you, fluoride makes it hard for you to critically think which is why everything is this bad, our government is making terrorists of its own citizens, overstepping constitutional law, taxes and mandated healthcare are financially killing Americans as corporations make laws, pollute and frack the world to devastation. Corporations and banks get bailed out while over 8 million people have lost their homes since 2007 to bankruptcy.

But it’s okay, the television says so. . .


According to RT: “Analysts at Experian Marketing Services published a study this week indicating that customers with high-speed internet access who have either never subscribed to cable or stopped subscribing to cable has increased by 44 percent, from 5.1 million households to 7.6 million, in a mere three years. ”

Apparently people are realizing the television is a BUNCH of lies and distractions all rolled up into one.

So it’s tax time again: when you get your refund are you going to waste it on some junk for your house, or vacation, etc, or this year are your going to set yourself up to make yourself successful? My investments have more then paid off. I get to homeschool my kids and teach them latest in science that public common core couldn’t dream of teaching her. I get to be with my kids and take care of one who isnt even mine. I feel so lucky to live my life, even if motherly duties are overwhelming, and the laundry and dishes never end.

You can struggle forever, or take a chance. The decision is up to you.

If you are interested in blogging or making a YT channel, etsy, ebay or whatever, start right now reading blogs on how to make successful blogs, or videos or have a successful store. It helped me greatly. It is more productive for your to read about how to be successful and apply it to your life then it is to watch meaningless television. When you watch someone on youtube you are most likely making them money, unless its copywritten content. My first channel is a big mix of awesome documentaries I collected from the depths of youtube, which were okay to reupload, and also consists of videos and documentaries I made myself. My second channel is all “toy stories” with my kids toys and they help me write the stories and come up with sets, etc. Kids have a GIANT demographic on YT.  More kids have access to YT via phones, etc then most people would be willing to admit.

Everyone has a life story, and youtube is an awesome community to share yours, as well as receive comfort and criticism all in one place. And whether they liked your video or not, you are still getting paid. I have learned to talk openly about my sexual abuse as a teenager, something which previously gave me great shame because my whole school knew found out when I went to rehab. I dont feel that shame anymore. I dont want people to feel bad for me, I want teens and kids who are suffering to know they are not alone, can have a good life after, and learn to love and value themselves as I have.

As I said, we all have a story, or a talent. Whether you make music, do how to vids, hair & make up tutorials, game tutorials, documentaries, vlogs, unwrapping surprise eggs, or just are seeking advice, youtube and its community have your back.

This is the New Age, it’s time to start living in it 😉

I hope this inspires you to make a change in your life if you are the average struggling American.

Love & light,

Casondra Starseed

My Journey into Foster Mom at Age 25 with Three Kids! Mi Vida Loca ;)

When I had my second daughter, the complications were numerous; so the doctors kindly advised me to have my tubes tied. I had to wait 30 days and get a special waiver because I was only 23 when I had it done. I did end up regretting it only two years later, wishing someday I could have a little boy.

That same year ended up being a life changing year. In November of 2014 my husband called to tell me that my cousin needed us to take her daughter Charlotte. The state, DHHS, was placing her daughter in a temporary home and wanted to know if any family would be willing to take her. We were last on the list.

My cousin was like my sister my whole life and she and Charlotte had lived with me earlier in the year. I really loved and cared about Charlotte. This was how I got into my sticky situation with being a foster mom.

My cousin, Natasha, I try not to judge too harshly. She was taken from her mom at age 6, and her three siblings after. She was in foster care til age 8 when my grandparents took her in and she became like my sister. Her mom was literally a crack whore in California with a 10 page criminal record that went from theft, prostitution and drugs to grand theft auto. Tasha was with my grandparents til she became too rebellious of a teenager at age 14. Suffice to say, other then our grandparents she never knew or experienced good parenting or family life, and because of this, I believe it led to her adult  life as an addict and having her daughter taken away.

Natasha and I were pregnant together. when I was having #2. We found out she was pregnant when she ran away from her home and boyfriend and told us she had been doing heroin and bath salts her whole pregnancy, and actually died when she was 5 months pregnant, but was resuscitated. We gave birth 3 weeks apart. And she had a miraculously perfect healthy baby girl.

When Natasha came to live with me in January of 2014 she was fleeing Texas with her daughter and everything they could fit in a diaper bag and backpack. My mom paid her plane ticket up. She had relapsed on meth again with her boyfriend. She admitted they and their friends would do meth with their children in the room. In a moment of I dont even know what, she decided she needed to leave Texas and come home.

I had her come live with me, but her boyfriend drove up a week after and there is no way but to say it bluntly, he brought trouble with him. Within months I found out they had been doing pills and other stuff in the house and that was the end of that.

She went from I guess March to November, not working, staying at anyone who’s house would let her stay, getting kicked out eventually, and in that 8 months several DHS reports were made. I realized something was wrong with Tasha living with me because she would sit catatonic on the couch. I mean, completely ignoring her daughter. Her daughter once asked her 25 times for juice and she finally got up and got her pretzels. So feeding, diapering, and all that was coming down on me. She wouldnt put a diaper on her daughter, so her daughter was pooping all over my house at age 2. After Natasha wasnt living with me, her mother actually kicked her out for the same incident.

She was staying with her mom and her mother’s newest loser boyfriend when the event that Charlotte was taken away for happened. Natasha got drunk with her mom and her mom’s boyfriend. Apparently they got into a huge fight with Charlotte there. When Tasha came conscious, she was crying to police on the phone at a convenience store that she didnt know where her daughter was and thought she was with her mom’s boyfriend who had just beat her up.

Long story short, my cousin had a completely punched in face, blew a 1.9 BAL, her mother lied to the police on her statement and said that neither of them touched her and in her drunken stupor “must have fallen off a fence.”  The police bought it and didnt worry about whatever happened to Natasha, and basically focused on Tasha’s neglect charges. This was not the first time DHS got a report on her being intoxicated and unable to take care of Charlotte. There were a few filed earlier in the year.

She couldnt stay with her father because he was in jail. He had just been arrested the week before because while driving down I-95 at 80 mph with my niece in the car, he was driving so irradically that several people called his vehicle in for swiping guard rails, etc. The police pulled him over and ripped him out of the car, guns a-blazing, to find a man on heroin and bath salts driving with his 2 year old daughter, my niece in the back seat.

I power clean my house and make room for her crib. Charlotte was 32 months old when she came to live with us.

I finally meet with the DHS case worker the next day, who tells me that Charlotte will be here for four months. She weighed 22 pounds when I get her to my house because her mother never made her eat real food, pretty much just let her eat Popsicles and snacks. She looked incredibly skinny. We had the stand offs about eating the superfoods I incorporate into our dinners which dont come from the freezer. I stuck to my guns about “no snack unless you eat your dinner” and after a few weeks she was in the routine.

In her first few weeks I have to admit, at age 25, I had NO idea what I was getting into.

The first days I found out when I scolded my own daughter for doing something naughty, Charlotte would hide under a table. I had to work with her directly to understand she was safe, not in any trouble, and basically get her to not feel like she had to do that.

Then one day in December she randomly says two strange things: one while we are getting into the car. She says “I hope we don’t get caught.” I look at her strangely, and say “for what?” She replies she does not know., Then we get home and she says “I hope the cops don’t come get me, the cops are BAD.” My husband and I had a long conversation with her about how police aren’t bad at all, and she is not bad, and she is safe, no one is coming to get her.

January 2015, we are working on potty training the two almost 3-year-olds. It’s easier then you would imagine because they both want to do what the other is doing and if one gets a potty treat,  the other wants to pee so she can get one too. Charlotte and us are at an impasse: she will pee and pee on the potty, but will not under any circumstances poop on it. She knew when she has to go, because I try putting her on it when she starts to poop, at which point she legitimately would hold it in. She would poop in her diaper even if I asked her 1 minute before she did it if she had to poop, she would just poop and smirk at me and say she needed a new diaper. Finally at one point she fell asleep on the potty for a minute, accidentally pooped, and we gave her a poopy treat. After that she started using the potty for pooping. But I really think her stigma about pooping was from being screamed at about pooping on the floor all year (her mother’s negligence). We just started letting her know we didnt want her to poop in her diaper and that she would get a treat if she pooped on the potty. And of course we held up on our promises. She now doesnt wear any diapers.

February 2014 – At this point I want to start writing about the visits. I called this my sticky situation for a reason. Her mom’s visits are at my house. 3x a week for 3 hours each.

Now, when Charlotte is in my home she always listens to me, always is polite and sweet, and well behaved. But from the first moment her mother arrives every visit, she becomes a terror. No other way to put it. This is where I am looking for comments and advice. She becomes incredibly rude to me, wont listen to me, if I touch her she will recoil and swat me from her (which she NEVER does normally) she becomes rude to her mother and ultimately its because of her mother’s continuing neglect. Her mom, between smoking and being on her phone, really doesnt much interact or engage Charlotte, wont let Charlotte sit on her lap most of the time (which is all she wants to do), has refused to read her books (which I promptly sat down and read to all three kids), and basically because of the amount she says “NO” to Charlotte, works her up into a temper tantrum and tears every time. The first visits consisted of Tasha putting her on repeated time outs, which consisted of Charlotte going to her room and screaming, and then Tasha would go get her 10 minutes later and the process would repeat for the whole visit. My husband and I finally had to talk about how the awful visits were going. Neither of us originally wanted to step in and over parent Charlotte with her mom there, and DHS seemed to agree it should be her job. But she wasnt doing it, and that is not what a time out is like in our house.

DHS is asking me how visits are going, I explain they have been going not so well, leading up to an episode where Charlotte scared the crap out of all of us, by dropping herself flat on the floor in front of her mother and smashing her head on the floor. It looked like she was going to have a seizure, but she didnt. It is mainly negative attention. Charlotte will do anything for attention from her mother.

So by the second month I have started interjecting when Charlotte is getting out of hand  or rude. I direct the visits so that when Charlotte is told no by her mother, I give her something to do instead. I have to make sure I give her a real “time out chair” time out (following through consequences) if she is getting rude and crazy and is no longer listening to me. Charlotte clearly listens better to me because I tell her if she does something there will be a consequence and I follow through on it. If I don’t step in her mother will still send her to her room to scream at which time we have an argument over how I don’t think that’s acceptable and I really do not want to see my kids do that.

I try to talk to Tasha about this, and she gets really upset with me. Natasha tells me “there are NO parents out there who ACTUALLY  play with their kids and do stuff with them all the time.” And she gets really upset at the idea there might be. In fact, she cant handle the idea that the person telling her this is a stay at home, home schooling mom who engages, reads, plays and hangs out with her kids ALL DAY EVERY DAY. The look I was giving her said “I do, ya know….” I say this because shortly after I heard her in the bathroom crying. She MUST realize, I do actually do all that, that’s what GOOD parents do.

By the third month to nip it in the butt entirely I start having “pep talks” with Charlotte, 10 minutes before her mom gets here. “Charlotte, your mom will be here in a few minutes. I want you to be as good for her as you are for me. No being rude to her, you have to listen to both of us.” If I remind her before her mom gets here, 9 times out of ten she’s good for her mom’s visits but I still have to direct them because she doesn’t engage much.

When Charlotte came here, she had all the classic symptoms of neglect: she ate food off floors or wherever she found it. She would follow me around, she did not play with toys, food was a competitive thing for her, she would try to squeeze between me and my husband if we were being affectionate or sitting next to each other, she needed as much positive attention as we could give her, she would hang out outside my door or the bathroom  instead of playing. In fact, it became obvious no one ever played with her, she didnt know how. She was a sponge when she first got here. She watched my kids play, and repeated everything they did. She repeated every line on anything we watched, she repeated everything. After a few weeks she settled in better and started adventuring through the house of toys we have.

Right now we are working on getting her to “have her own fun.” She is constantly seeing my kids playing with anything, and it looks fun to her, and she wants it. Then she tries to take it. It doesn’t matter we have 5 minnies for minnie’s bow-tique, the one Ally has must be the best because shes having so much fun with it. She is forever saying “I want it, it’s mine” even when things are not hers. I am working with her on doing her own thing, she doesnt have to do what Ally or Emmy are doing (my girls) and she doesn’t need the toy Ally has in her hand. She gives me the death glare when I tell her this, but I know she loves me because Charlotte tells me 100 times a day she loves me and has mistakenly called me mama a handful of times. AND she’s learning she LOVES to paint! So we are making progress.

So its February 2015 and a new case worker comes to meet me. She’s a “permanency case worker” and informs us at the end of next month they will be presenting their case before the judge to take away Charlotte’s mom and dad’s parental rights over neglect and a decision will be made. She asks if we want the foster care packet to fill out to keep her here and become licensed.

…And I said yes! 🙂

So we are waiting for it to get here, and hoping everything is perfect and she can stay here.

But my relationship with Tasha is a hard one. She was my sister and my best friend my whole life, but now she probably feels like I am her enemy because I have her daughter, I parent her, take care of her, and I  have to tell DHS the truth, I refuse to lie for the sake of Charlotte’s life. I feel as though Tasha kept her like a pet almost and not even a good pet owner, and I don’t want to see her go back to that. A child deserves a parent who will read books to them, teach them to count, feed them real food and BE THERE and love them and love them enough to have a stable life for them.

My cousin is doing everything she knows how to do, she is trying but I am not the only one who thinks it will never be enough. My cousin rents a room for herself, has a job and is staying clean so far. She is just learning to take care of herself. She wants to have her daughter back but has no real idea what being a real parent entails. All she knows is she loves her and wants her back. Regardless of whether she can do the job, she wants her back. I respect parents who give their child up for adoption when they know they can’t provide for them, they are GOOD people who put their child first. Then there are people who just cant comprehend they are not parent material. I say this sincerely, how can she ever help Charlotte with homework if she wont read green eggs and ham to her? How can she get her school supplies and project supplies or lunch money when she can’t save for a birthday present? These are the conversations the caseworker, GAL and I have.

For now, filling out paperwork and getting licensed. What Tasha does with her life remains to be seen, and of course, Charlotte will be here safe and sound with us as long as everything goes according to plan.

I am sure other foster parents will read this and know just how I feel because I read it in your blogs. We care for all our children, even the ones we didnt give birth to, and it kills us to see children go back to homes we know arent going to benefit them. That is the life of a foster parent, here one minute, gone the next. And although I want to keep her safe, I know that there’s every possibility she could be given back to her mom at some point. And I have to be ready (emotionally) for that day.

Got advice? Hit me with it! I’ve been reading all the foster parent blogs out there to try to be the perfect stand in mom for Charlie (as we call her). So advice is always appreciated. Thanks 🙂 Dont forget to follow me for future posts.

Casondra Starseed

PK Psychokinesis for Beginners

Recently I did a video demonstrating my newly developed PK abilities that I have received a lot of feedback on. I have been taking monoatomic gold now for about 3 weeks. I decided to try it because I have A- blood among other annunaki traits, and I had studied PK phenomena which is usually chalked up to “poltergeist” phenomena, and it certainly was for me up til recently.

I learned that all my life I had symptomatic PK signs but due to popular culture I thought I was haunted for pretty much my whole life. My water turned on and off especially when stressed or upset, knocking on my fridge even when I moved several times, furniture rearranging itself at age 3. It had to a poltergeist or ghost haunting me right?

That was until I started looking at hardcore research from investigators who were tracking the phenomena for decades. They concluded (from ):

Patterns and Metaphors of Poltergeist Activity: With the exception of rare lengthy cases, poltergeist phenomena generally last from two to six weeks (short term 1 week, long term about 18 months). Cases are nearly always reported in homes, offices or workplaces – wherever a dynamic of human interaction takes place. Poltergeist activity, with its connection to unresolved stress, appears to be a rare form of stress relief. Instead of the stress releasing itself in “normal” ways, the agent unconsciously “blows off steam” with the PK activity. Patterns found in the disturbances are generally symbolic and can give clues as to the identity of the agent and the nature aniclock.gif (37449 bytes)of the unresolved stress. Often object and area focused activity occur whereby the disturbances tend to stay with certain forms of objects or in certain locations in the physical environment. The disturbances often appear as metaphors to the causes of stress. For example, sexual tension may be released through causing the bed to shake. Anger towards a certain person may be released by the agent causing items belonging to the target person to break. The rare outbreak of small fires may be associated with a general release of anger, whereas water is more often associated with grief (as in tears not being physically shed). More unusual cases involving guilt have resulted in the agent actually giving him/herself a psychokinetic “self-beating” displayed by the spontaneous manifestation of bruises or other marks of physical punishment. Other very rare poltergeist cases have involved sightings of apparition-like forms. These are not thought to be true apparitions (or ghosts – a consciousness operating outside of or after the death of his or her physical body). Rather, they are thought to be unconscious projections from the mind of the agent that are “picked up” telepathically by people associated with the agent (and of course, by the agent as well). These apparitional forms are often not human in appearance (in contrast to ghosts), and may even look like an archetypal “monster.” As frightening as they may appear, these mental projections are harmless and are simply a reflection of the agent’s inner psychological “monsters or demons.” As with the physical activity, they are often a metaphor for the mental and emotional stress the agent is experiencing. More subtle forms of poltergeist activity involve micro-effects whereby the agent mentally, though unconsciously, affects the functioning of technology (these are effects that occur throughout our lives). It is now known that technology such as watches, computers, telephones, photocopiers, etc. are apparently susceptible to PK. Similar to the large scale poltergeist effects, these micro-effects appear to be a form of stress-relief or a reflection of the mood of the agent, and the type of effect is often a clue as to the nature of the stress.

Practical Problem Solving: Since poltergeist cases have psychological stress and emotional dynamics at their core, investigations involve detailed observation of the human interaction present in such cases. All family members or co-workers are interviewed separately and en masse in order to assess the nature of the disturbances and the emotional interplay. Many personal questions are asked, and in some cases, medical information may be requested. Patterns in the disturbances are noted and participants may be asked to re-enact scenes when the disturbances occurred. Because the investigation may alter the emotional dynamics, leading to difficulty in finding the agent, on some case the investigator(s) may request an extended stay on the premises in hopes that the dynamics return to their usual state. Throughout the study, “normal” disturbances are separated from those that may be “paranormal.” Often the participants believe the disturbances to be the result of a ghost or outside entity. Because stressful emotional dynamics are at the core of such cases, this “ghost” is used as a scapegoat for the occurrences and even for the events or issues that are causing the stress in the first place. In addition, people are often more sensitive to anything out of the ordinary in the environment during such situations. In many cases, participants may misinterpret overlooked physical occurrences with normal, though not obvious, normal explanations. Finally, because there is often a ghostly scapegoat to blame, there may be a mixture of real RSPK events with intentionally caused disturbances surreptitiously carried out by the agent and/or other participants. A lot can be done in the name of stress relief when there’s a ghost present to take the blame. In cases such as this, the intentional disturbances are not generally an attempt to dupe the investigator, but are rather directed at other members of the family or group as a more “normal” form of stress relief. Such non-malicious fraud can make a poltergeist investigation very challenging. At worst, such “mixed” cases may be dismissed as normal when paranormal elements are actually present. The stress inherent in a poltergeist case, as well as the stress caused by one, does make counseling very important. Not only the agent, but all participants can benefit from individual or group counseling. Poltergeist activity tends to stop when the stress is identified, addressed or released, or when the stressful situation itself is identified, altered or ended. Poltergeist activity also tends to stop when the agent realizes he or she is responsible for the phenomena (and especially if the agent accepts responsibility for it). One the activity has ceased, follow-up therapeutic work may be crucial in order to help resolve the underlying causes of the poltergeist outbreak. Finally, for the poltergeist agent, there always exists the potential for learning to focus and apply this psychokinetic ability in positive ways.”

Well, I knew that all I wanted was to control my output, not suppress it. So I applied all my esoteric knowledge I had learned in the last 10 years and began to try to “PUSH.”

AND finally…. I did it. Not by accident though. By applying the ancient breathing method used by eastern taoists and many others- Ida and Pingala breathing (swara yoga, many different names). With PK, the “exhale” breath is a push, the “inhale” is a pull. I knew I was ready for this and practiced the teachings fiercely. By believing I could do it I changed my reality to being able to do it. I not only believed it, I EXPECTED it to happen, WILLED it to happen. And that is the key.

There is ONE SINGLE REASON for any person not being able to do it: FEAR.

If you have one shred of fear in your heart when you try this (and it happened to me at first) the object will never move. If you remove the fear and replace it with courage I guarantee this will never fail you.

Want to see the pull method? Here’s my youtube video 🙂

Welcome to the New Age ❤

Casondra Starseed

The Top Ten Cures for Cancer by Casondra Starseed


Several people I know personally have beat their own cancer with various homemade concoctions. I am sure I didn’t cover every one but here’s a top ten list of cancer cures that work!

1Gerson Therapy Meathod A Gerson smoothie, basically the Gerson therapy involves eating your way healthy through a raw, organic, plant-based diet.

2 Harry Hoxsey, Herbs –


3– Mushrooms – eat reishi, Shiitake, Agaricus Blazei Murrill Mushroom, Coriolus Versicolor – the Asian “Turkey Tail” mushroom, Maitake Mushrooms, Cordyceps Oglossoides Mushroom, Phellinus Linteus Mushroom, & Chaga. My neighbor personally told my his story as a desert storm vet who was diagnosed with cancer, cured his cancer with Chaga mushrooms in a very short period of time. He ate a steady diet of them and continues to eat them regularly. There’s PLENTY of research to back  this up.

4Marijuana / BHo.

5 Hydrogen peroxiode – Cancer is dangerous. Don’t flirt with disaster. Don’t eat it and don’t go near it. Don’t drink it. Don’t put it on your skin. Yes, this is a warning not to put cancer on or inside your body. Cancer is in GMO pesticide DNA seed designs and the treatments used on vegetables and fruit. Cancer is in sun block lotions full of toxins that hold in your sweat and block out the vitamin D you would normally get from the sun. Cancer is in cosmetics, makeup, soaps, toothpaste and shampoos. Cancer may be lurking in your refrigerator, your pantry and in your medicine cabinet, but it has an archenemy. Cancer has a rival that destroys it like an M-60 leveling a field of enemy soldiers. It’s called “hydrogen peroxide,” and the “lame-stream,” mainstream media will tell you how “dangerous” it is at 35%, but they won’t tell you that you can drip a couple drops in a glass of water each day and end cancer. Yes, it’s true.

6PH kills cancer/ baking soda –

7-Reiki energy healing – There are reiki healing hospitals in japan that cure cancer and I know personally people who have had ulcers and other internal problems healed with energy work. Reiki and energy work practitioners are everywhere but you must find a real master to perform an internal healing for problems such as cancer.

8Orgone & Dr. Wilhelm Reich – Dr. Reich was a beautiful genius, he cured cancer with his orgone accumulator boxes and orgone blankets, and was a very brilliant man. He made the front page in my state (Maine) because he brought rain to the drought plagued blueberry fields of Maine with his cloud burster. I make orgone and sell it here on my etsy store.

9-Superfood smoothies (organic) – Turmeric, blueberries, pomegranate, Cinnamon, broccoli, kale, acai, goji berry, dark chocolate, hemp seed, blackberries, coconut, spinach.  Pesticides and GMO’s cause cancer despite what the media says on television buy/grow organic food.

10– Diet, vitamin D, superfoods, fish oil supplements, baking soda, eliminate gmo’s and other carcinogens in diet. My mother in law has been keeping her cancer away with a vitamin regimen with fish oil supplement, and it turns out several others are having good results with it too. Awaken and take care of your body.

love & light

Casondra Starseed

The Best Advice No One Ever Told You When You Graduated (BUT SHOULD HAVE)


The Best Advice No One Ever Told You When You Graduated (BUT SHOULD HAVE)

Hello there! I’m Casondra Starseed and today I am going to tell you how I went from getting a high school diploma to owning my own business and being a homeschooling, stay at home, full-time mom.

You should know that when I graduated high school, I had just brought my first daughter Emily into the world about 6 weeks prior, and my (to be-husband) had a job a Hannaford stocking shelves, which didn’t pay much. So we already started off tight on money. My family recommended we sign up for food stamps, which we did. It helped us certainly avoid getting into debt. And we only stayed on them until my husband and I didn’t need them anymore. My husband is a full time blacksmith now, and I have my online business.

My grandfather told me when I graduated “Kasey, I’m 69 years old and I have no debt. You should know how, and this is important so you better remember it. IF YOU DON’T HAVE THE MONEY FOR SOMETHING YOU DON’T BUY IT.” He went on to tell me that my grandmother had signed up for LOTS of credit cards when they used to give them away them away in the 80’s, and he had managed to work all her debts off (I think she helped, I remember her going to work when I was a kid).

He went on to explain that he never had a credit card, he only had a back account which he would deposit his checks into, He said credit cards allow you to buy something today you have to pay for tomorrow. The same as the man who wants a hamburger today, and will pay you Tuesday. He said many of his children, his wife and people he loved had gone into serious debt with college and credit card debts.

He was, before he died, the President of DH Pinette Roofing Company. When he started in the company, he was a roofer.

He told me, he paid his bills when they were due and put $10 away a week in a jar, and would buy food and save the rest. He must have done this for a long time because he was able to take my grandmother to dinner ever Friday night and breakfast every Sunday with me and my Gran. He also took us on road trips and to every fair practically in the state.

My grandfather told me that to be successful in life he thought it was MUCH more important to have SKILLS then a degree in college. I thought about my mother, whom is successful but still working off college debts. I had a flashback to “hiding” and locking the garage so the repo man couldnt repossess my mom’s car at one point. I don’t judge her for her decision to do college though. My mom had me at 16 in 1989, and my dad was not in the picture. I’m proud of my mom for following her bliss, all of them, and doing well for herself despite the statistics against her. She was the supervisor of OCS for the entire state of Alaska, She’s taught english at Qinhuangdao University in China, and now teaches AP Psych at a private school here in the US.

I still didn’t want to have debts. I mean, why go to college, to work hard and make money that’s mostly going to be sucked up by debts and bills anyways? Get a job, to get a house, which you are rarely at, because you have to work to afford what you can’t enjoy. There’s 168 hours in a week and we know most people are taking one full time job and one part time job to make ends meet. So at least 60 of 168 hours a week are spent at work and at 6 hours of sleep a night you can subtract 42 and 60 from 168 and get 66. That’s 66 hours a week you get to spend your way. Which didn’t seem fair to me for the lifetime of servitude. Specially since after your life of servitude, if you were lucky you get into a 401k, retirement job, and when you retire you were usually too old to enjoy your retirement, OR you got laid off your company before before your retirement, they never hired you back and you worked for nothing. To start over somewhere else? I watched this happen A LOT at the company I worked for.

I took the first year of Emily’s life off to breastfeed her and began sewing “inventory” with my daughter on the boppy pillow on my lap. I made clothing (as I had made my own cloths in high school), and “cozys” which were padded cases for things you didn’t want to break. At the end of the year I went back to work. With my high school diploma I got a job as a customer service associate for a major flooring distributor. I had worked all throughout my teenage years and was proficient on computers so it was easy to get the job with the right SKILLS. I watched people who had fabulous college degrees, but had NO SKILLS or experience get turned down over and over for my job. Between being laid off twice, I worked my way up to an administrative assistant over three years. I was still making inventory and began hand stamping jewelry when a friend told me about Etsy.

At LAST! I could put my skills to work! I opened a store and got paypal. Within two weeks of signing up for paypal I was getting orders. At the time I was selling jewelry, love pillows and sewn kids clothes.

I was laid off the last time and received unemployment for two years because I had now two kids. I used the money to pay our bills and buy supplies and tools to set myself up on etsy. By the time my unemployment ran out my husband and I agreed that I was making enough money for it to be beneficial for me to stay home, specially when factoring in daycare.

We had tried public school with my daughter for three months when we pulled her out and I began homeschooling her. At the time, I knew it was the right decision even though to this day everyone in our families think we should just send her back to public school. (Though they also unanimously agree she’s VERY smart for her age, they seem to miss the connection.)

Now, I didn’t go to college, but I didn’t just sit around and watch television either.

We also have never paid for cable. I began my own learning adventures after college, and spend A LOT of time reading and watching documentaries. This led my to my next source of income: youtube. I now make about $300/quarter from youtube alone. I put together videos and documentaries where I present my own theses and research and links and share knowledge. I love to follow the advances coming out in the quantum physics field, astrophysics, and I watch Suspicious0bserver’s every morning. I understand how we can anticipate earthquakes by watching incoming coronal mass ejections which come our way. I have woken up quite a bit since high school, in ways that college never could have done for me. Science is JUST beginning to connect the dots between the ancient hermetic teachings and the quantum physics field. It is easy to learn and keep track of advances in archaeology and science with all the independent new sources online. It was learning the true power and potential of the internet, for sharing information – and making money that helped me become successful.

My top tips on living debt free (which I learned through all this experience):

1-Ex the cable. Seriously, it’s expensive and you can watch all the stuff on the internet or download it FREE, plus it’s paying to be programmed (this television programming)…

2-GROW your own food. I have a polytunnel greenhouse. You can grow food all year and save SO much money (PLUS its healthier.) I compost and grow food all year round with solar heat collectors made from cans. There are tutorials on pinterest.And if you buy fruit trees and things that you use regularly you can save a lot of money annually. My kids could eat $8 in organic apples a week, that’s a lot annually. Learn the ways of grafting and growing and save $$$.

3- PINTEREST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Pinterest has saved me the most money of all. I’m SERIOUS. (Lot’s of guys I know have it too for rifle porn) Pinterest has made homeschooling cheap and easy, has taught me how to grow everything and do everything. How to be a prepper for cheap with couponing (omg the savings…$$$$.), how to do anything and everything, how to reuse things you have, how to be successful online… everything. Pinterest is the BEST. Pinterest is DIY heaven.

4-Develop a skill, even if it’s just one. my etsy store started out with jewelry and sewn stuff, but now is huge. My adventures down the rabbit hole of following the keys left through history gave me so much understanding and led me out of my own inner darkness, that I now make Orgone and sell it very successfully because I am known (on youtube) for doing and teaching energy work. But one thing I have noticed in unsuccessful shops is lack of customer service. I wrote about my customer service job because it was INCREDIBLY important to have GOOD customer service skills, good computer skills, and good grammar/handwriting skills BEFORE opening an etsy store. I would actually recommend working a crappy customer service job for AT LEAST one year BEFORE opening a store. In my administrative assistant job, I had to call people every single day and ruin their day. I had to tell them the backordered, non-cancellable, pallets of flooring they had spent $1000’s on, wasn’t going to be here for about 12 weeks, and “oh, I’m sorry you had an installation for today.” I got screamed at, cursed, hung up on, you name it. But dealing with angry customers (and normal ones) is essential. They leave feedback, and you want to be known for GOOD feedback.

5- Sell your extra junk. Not all of us live a “minimalist” life. I have been “cleaning out my house” for 3 years on Ebay. I have a store (CasondraAndCo), and sell new/good condition kids clothing, gear, toys, women’s and men’s clothing, gun accessories, vintage items, and whatever else. I’m known in my family for selling clothes, so since I have some shopaholics in my family, they give me bags of their clothing they don’t want anymore, or never wore, whatever, and I sell it on Ebay. I score stuff at the flea market and good will for cheap and sell it on ebay to people looking for it who pay more. I also have an amazon store. I read A LOT of books, and if they aren’t good, or someone hands me a box of books they are getting rid of, I sell them on amazon. Amazon is also great for selling dvds, music, video games and other things. You need to set up a SELLER ACCOUNT.

6- These days everyone has a cell phone, but how many people actually need their phone. I admit, I own a tablet. It’s a kindle fire hd, and I have a FREE unlimited txting app called txt plus. Everything I need to do on the mobile is done from my kindle fire and it doesn’t require any cost outside the initial cost, about $200. It’s picks up wi fi which is pretty much everywhere. I was spending $45/mt ($540/year) on straight talk service and having my kindle fire for 2 years has saved me $1080 in cell phone service bills.

7- Plan, budget and coupon crazy. I keep a ziplock with coupons I have collected and print out every week. There are many online resources, I learned most of the couponing tricks on pinterest, and I signed up for Joanne’s coupons, which Micheal’s honors as well (knowing competitor’s couponing policies). Walmart honors coupons. Plan your grocery list, print/aquire coupons, and save money. The organic food I buy comes from Hannaford or it’s home grown, and I print out coupons in advance to help with costs. I even find coupons for Tom’s fluoride free toothpaste for my whole family.

8- The COOLEST trick so far! SAVINGS CATCHER. Go to and sign up. Shop at walmart. When you get home, within 7 days add your TC receipt #  to your account and it will analyze every item and find out if there was a cheaper price anywhere else. If there was, you get the difference in price on a walmart gift card.  Easy way to shop and get the best deal regardless. I don’t like to support walmart, but I do buy some food there and craft items from time to time.

9- IF YOU CAN’T AFFORD IT DON’T BUY IT. It’s easy to impulse spend. When debating the items you are buying, try to stick to your list, and ask yourself if it isn’t on the list “do I REALLY NEED this, or do I JUST WANT it.”

10- YOUTUBE. Once I started making orgone and learning information I wanted to share it. I began making videos and when the first one got to 10,000 views I was asked by youtube to monetize. I signed on with ZoomInTV and have been making money ever since. People have become very successful on youtube once monetized. Whether you can sing, make stuff, do diy videos, documentaries, or anything you can put into a video, you can make money on youtube.

Now, my mother used to tell me that I wouldn’t be able to get a car or a house or anything with bad or no credit. And on credit alone, that’s true. However, dollars are better then credit. And we are presently saving to buy a $20,000 property which we plan to build an off grid earthship on. When we buy the property it will be ALL ours, no mortgage, no bank telling us how to build it, and no rent. Just the dreaded annual taxes. I would rather rent and save money for 5 years to buy our property in whole so that we can live debt free for the rest of our lives, and pass on the legacy of self sufficiency to my kids, instead of the legacy of debt, and working off debts. Without rent costs, mortgage costs, electric or heating costs, how would you spend your life?

I always say, “be the change you wish to see in the world, live the life you imagine.” Words from Henry David Thoreau. I take them to heart. So I do yoga in the morning, homeschool my kids, teach Joseph Campbell mantras about following your bliss and being a lifelong student, and I make orgone and do/teach energy work. I like to sew, feed my soul by creating things, and learn as much as my mind can take.   I’m happy, and I want my kids to be happy and successful too.

What is success? I would say success is the accomplishment of one’s goals. In that case, I am happy and successful and I want my children, and you to be as well. My happiness is your happiness.

11- Check your vices. When I was younger, we wasted A LOT of money smoking and drinking and having too much fun. I wish we had spent it wiser. I have even quit coffee, instead I drink tea with honey and sugar. Coffee, cigarettes, marijuana, alcohol, eating out, all these extras can soak up A LOT of money. Keep your receipts for 1 month – 1 year and see how much you spend per month and year on these items and if you can continue to justify it. Or use an expense tracker.

A few more notes on things you should have been told but never were:

– High school is NOT the best days of your life (and I pity the person who thinks they were). I wouldnt re-live mine for $1,000,000.

-Pesticide sprayed and genetically modified food is terrible for you. Think death food that causes cancer and brain damage and other horrible things. Specially artificial sweetener (aspartame, splenda, diet anything).


– Fluoride toothpaste and water is keeping you docile and  from thinking critically.

-Vaccines are linked to autism and Alzheimer’s among other things, and the mainstream media is lying to you.

-The Mainstream Media is all the newspapers, radio, television channels, magazines and media they put out to keep you thinking inside the matrix. Get these things out of your life and think for yourself. I started having a lot of questions my mind wanted answers for AFTER I moved out and had no cable. Then the research began. And don’t just regurgitate what you hear, think critically about everything, research both sides of anything, and realize all truths are but half truths.

-Be careful what you wear. The wisest of our society knows that people are poisoned by corporations to quell the population. Things like “deodorant” which you would think are harmless, are not. READ INGREDIENTS.  If your deodorant has ALUMINUM in it, you could be giving yourself breast cancer, and it IS the reason breast cancer is raising in numbers among YOUNG men AND women. Tom’s offers aluminum free deodorant and fluoride free  toothpaste. Pinterest has diy instructions for making both.


-There are many KNOWN cures for cancer. The best and first known being baking soda. That’s right for 88 cents you can cure your cancer. The second is BHo, or butane honey oil/phoenix tears, made from marijuana. My neighbor cured his with some wild mushrooms he swears by. My mother-in-law cured hers with a vitamin regimen. The point is, the doctor’s “stick by” their old school techniques because it indebts you for life pretty much, makes them money, and quells the population all in one. I havnt taken my kids to a doctor in years, nor have I been to one. We don’t need to. We keep healthy and I am a reiki healer with an arsenal of medical supplies and homeopathic remedies. In fact, I get offended when people ask me to “donate” to “find a cure” for freaking cancer. All you are doing is loading the pockets of the Susan Komen Cancer Foundation, and other organizations who have no intentions of releasing a cure. In the meantime the money they have raised, according to wiki – $400 million, could have cured EVERYONE’S cancer with baking soda by now.

-If you havn’t watched They Live, the movie from the 80’s. Go watch it right now, because it’s a reality.

This is THE MOST amazing time of change you ever could have been blessed to be alive in. The older folks stuck in the old paradigm standards are the ones I feel the most for. The television has my grandmother programmed to believe the internet is a dark, scary place that nothing can be trusted from. They make you believe everything I am telling you is lies. All I can say is experience is enough for me, and the others like me. While we cure our own cancers and ascend from darkness, they cover their eyes and ears and say “it isn’t true! It’s all lies! The television says so!”  My grandmother doesn’t understand why the information I share with her is “never on television.” No matter how much I explain they are bought and put out for disinformation and brainwashing or fearmongering purposes. Her frame of mind about the government’s encroaching police state and weapons and armor stockpile for ww3, is that “it’s not going to happen in my lifetime.” I actually think it will happen in her lifetime, she’s a pretty healthy old lady. We are the future generation of indigo, crystal, rainbow and platinum children who are changing the world and have the noncompliance attitude with old paradigms that dont work anymore. We don’t believe in sitting idly by, and when our children come to us understanding and ready we will not say “it is the way it is.” As our parents did. We will live differently, adapt, revolutionize the world, and help our children be the changes they wish to see in the world.

With energy work and advances in homeopathy, plus just knowing about environmental poisons like foods, water and products, you could live for hundreds of years by just taking care of yourself and avoiding cellular breakdown (physical death) caused by continuous poisoning of the self from vaccines, gmo foods, fluoride, pesticides and other environmental factors. I believe in my lifetime (as have already been revealed a few) people who live organically and take care of themselves will be able to live hundreds of years. On the opposite hand, people who do not are going to continue dying of cancers and other diseases before they even see 100. This man lived to be 256 years old.

And don’t think I fear death either –  quite the opposite. I also teach in my youtube how to ascend from 3d at death. I’m not the only one. Ascension by Susan Shumsky is a great book to start on your journey. Also, Earth, A Spiritual Trap by Edward Alexander is a great book as well. I look forward to returning to my energy body in the stars, but not until I’ve lived a long, healthy and fulfilling physical life here and left the keys for others to do the same.

So here’s to all of us, awaiting the great point of tipping: when more of the population is awake then asleep, and we can all co-create together, living the lives we dare to dream and revolutionizing the world together.

I hope these tips on saving money help you live the life you imagine ❤

Casondra Starseed



Casondra Starseed is 25 years old, lives in Maine, United States, with her two daughters, one cat, and loyal husband. She is also the author of The Starseed Conspiracy, and is writing another book called “Hands of Isis” which she is hoping to have done by Yuletime 2014.

The Missing Proof for Vaccinations They’ll Never Admit.

In this week’s Newsweek Magazine, they claim up and down conspiracy theorists have been ruining America. You may have seen this and already been completely angered by the propaganda in the article. A main argument in the article is that “conspiracy theorists” have been adding to the heath problems. I quote from their article:

“In 2008, no one in America caught measles and 13,278 people contracted whooping cough. By 2013, measles infected at least 276 people in the U.S. and there were more than 24,000 cases of whooping cough. Medical experts attribute this trend to declining numbers of people being vaccinated, in large part fueled by a belief that doctors and pharmaceutical companies are hiding the dangers of immunizations to protect profits, even though earnings in this niche are so comparatively small that six out of seven companies have dropped out of the business in the past 35 years. Now, because of this false belief advanced by scientific frauds and celebrities, vaccine-preventable diseases that were once on the brink of extinction are roaring back.”

This argument was also presented to me by my children’s last pediatrician, and the two nurses that were trying to pressure me into vaccinating my children. She told me the same thing, that “in the last two weeks there have been 24 cases of babies with whooping cough in here”, I looked at that nurse and asked her a question she was neither expecting, nor prepared to answer. I said “how many of those babies were vaccinated against it already?”

“There is no such study, why?” She asked me.

“Because I believe being vaccinated in the first place, having already been exposed and doing it to the whole society is what’s causing this pandemic. I guarantee if you actually ran a case study you would find that the vast majority of kids and people in here have already been vaccinated against it. That’s why there is no case study, and it’s why the small percentage of people in this country who do not vaccinate are white, married, and make over $70,000/year according to CDC statistics. It’s because the rich people know the truth and this is just population control. It’s also why despite your little theory, my kids are rarely sick, recover quickly, and are very healthy. I believe there is a very clear link to autism and Alzheimer’s at the least, and I declare that I have the constitutional right be believe these harm my children.”

“So are you telling me I am hurting children?” The blond haired doctor looked me in the eye as she asked me.

“Yes.” And that was my last visit there. Since then I have found a Naturopathic Doctor who does not comply with federal standards on the vaccination front, whom I really like, her name is Dr. Morgan Titus. I will never take my kids to any regular physician again. That experience arguing with my children’s doctors was like being in a bad horror movie.

Furthermore, my own mother does not vaccinate, and stopped having it done to me when I was 8. I am perfectly healthy, and so are my kids.

It is, however, the conversation stopper for all arguments that we should all just vaccinate our kids. They have NEVER run a case study that I could find, which shows vaccinated kids getting sick vs. how many unvaccinated kids. I think it’s because they already know the answer.

I quote from ageofautism:
“It’s also interesting to consider a study completed by the CDC and published in Pediatrics, Children Who Have Received No Vaccines: Who Are They and Where Do They Live? The study noted:

“Unvaccinated children tended to be white, to have a mother who was married and had a college degree, to live in a household with an annual income exceeding $75,000, and to have parents who expressed concerns regarding the safety of vaccines and indicated that medical doctors have little influence over vaccination decisions for their children.”
And, it continues:

“Why do some parents avoid vaccinating their children? Our results indicate that parents of unvaccinated children are much more concerned about vaccine safety than are parents whose children receive 1 vaccine dose. In a survey of parent’s beliefs and practices regarding vaccinations and autism, siblings in families in which there was an autistic child were 3 times more likely to be unvaccinated, compared with siblings in families in which there was a child with attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder. In response to concerns about the perceived risk of autism resulting from vaccinations, parents might have avoided having their sons vaccinated at a higher rate than their daughters, as a result of knowing that they have risk factors for autism and knowing that the rate of autism is 4 times greater for boys than for girls.”

What are the chances that white, upper middle-class families with an annual income in excess of $75,000 who are very concerned about vaccine safety don’t pursue an autism diagnosis if their child is exhibiting the signs of autism? Probably close to nil, but science can still account for that.

Meanwhile, the only data that has ever considered unvaccinated children was done through a phone survey funded by Generation Rescue, the results are available here:

Generation Rescue analyzed the data provided by SurveyUSA, and a copy of our analysis can be found here. The most notable results of our survey are with the boys, which is not surprising considering boys represent approximately 80% of total cases of NDs. Namely:

All vaccinated boys, compared to unvaccinated boys:

– Vaccinated boys were 155% more likely to have a neurological disorder (RR 2.55)
– Vaccinated boys were 224% more likely to have ADHD (RR 3.24)
– Vaccinated boys were 61% more likely to have autism (RR 1.61)

Older vaccinated boys, ages 11-17 (about half the boys surveyed), compared to older unvaccinated boys:

– Vaccinated boys were 158% more likely to have a neurological disorder (RR 2.58)
– Vaccinated boys were 317% more likely to have ADHD (RR 4.17)
– Vaccinated boys were 112% more likely to have autism (RR 2.12)

(Note: older children may be a more reliable indicator because many children are not diagnosed until they are 6-8 years old, and we captured data beginning at age 4.)

One final point: the mainstream will never do a study of unvaccinated kids. They already fear what it will show, and the results for them would likely be cataclysmic.”

The only thing they can try to control at this point is the spin on the grand deception they have been brainwashing people into for YEARS. The New World Order is all about population control, and having only those live who are “perceptive enough to survive” per my book, the Starseed Conspiracy. That’s why the only people these lies still work on are those still asleep, who don’t think for themselves, or trust their own instincts. These people typically rely on “society’s accepted truths” like the Newspaper, Television news, Webster’s Dictionary, etc and other media outlets, which are controlled by the 1%.

round table 2

The question you may be asking is why?

Why is a MANY layered answer. It starts with your pineal gland and works in conjunction with the fluoride conspiracy. Oh yes, we also only buy Tom’s fluoride free toothpaste. You see, fluoride and vaccines are VERY good at calcifying your pineal gland and turning off the door to developing consciousness. It sounds silly, but your pineal gland has a lot to do with the most important mysteries man has pondered for ages. For a good explanation, check out DMT the Spirit Molecule, by Dr. Rick Straussman. When they neuter all of us, spiritually, we are very easy to control, manipulate, divide, and conquer, which is what has been going on here for far, far too long, and explains the rest of that question we are asking, ..why would a group of 13 families take over the world, enslave humanity through a centralized, federal banking cartel, and track, spy, and compile information on every innocent or guilty citizen on Earth?

They own Hollywood, the recording companies, the oil industry, pharmaceutical industry, the newspapers, the television, the radio, the magazines, as from that ridiculous article above, and as they so love to flaunt in our faces in those movies we adoring watch as “entertainment,” they do it for the complete global takeover, and control of the entire world.


We watch revolutions rising up all over the world, people who are realizing their governments, and the tv, everything has been lying to them. When will America wake from their slumber and realize they have been being herded like cattle, turned off, genetically modified, poisoned, and even killed for exposing these facts? While the world awaits the “free nation” we believe we are to wake up, we allow genocide in the form of wars we support world-wide, every day we do nothing. Many are disheartened. They say “what can I do?” It isn’t what YOU can do, it’s what WE can do all TOGETHER that they fear the most. That’s why these petty tactics have been put in place. They fear our free will.

America will wake up, more people do every day. There will come a day we reach critical mass. There is a last, and third world war which is inevitable. It’s a war between our enslavers and the free people of Earth, and it will only occur when the free people of Earth have matured enough to govern themselves, and demand to.