Invoking and Hosting Annunaki – Bringing Heaven to Earth


This post is a compilation of my experience, and research into understanding dissociation and trance, as well as tantric temples to contact the Gods and sex magick.

Some people come to this post wanting to contact the Gods and summon spirits. This post is specifically about hosting them. In ancient Atlantis, Lemuria, Sumeria we had tantric temples devoted to contacting the Gods and bringing them to Earth; by being a vessel and going within to find what is without. This knowledge I intend to redistribute as it was used until it was hidden when ancient Egypt was conquered and the old kingdoms were destroyed. As above, so below.


-Excerpt from the Annunaki Creation Story
“With Inanna, the female goddess, she took over ‘the Chamber of Nighttime Pleasures’ and decided to build a city around her temple. To do this she needed the ME’s, those portable objects which held all the knowledge and other aspects of a high civilization, perhaps similar to pocket-sized computers or memory chips.

To get them, she seduced Enki.
As an example of what went on between 4th dimensional aliens and 3rd dimensional humans, we have the tale of Inanna making love with two kings where it states:

He will live with Inanna
Separated by a wall; (which later became a veil in temple ceremonies)
I will live with Inanna
In the lapis lazuli house in Aratta.
(lapis lazuli was a crystal used to maintain a 4th dimensional status)
He will gaze upon Inanna only in a dream;
(how 4D beings would be seen in 3rd dimension)
I will lie with her sweetly in an ornate bed.
(the furnishings still provided in the top rooms of many temples)

Inanna gets Dumuzi, one of the kings, to “plow her.”

He is a shepherd/king – his” cream is good, his milk is bright.” She wants a farmer-god as a husband, rebelling against the old ways and creating an archetype of a ‘whitewoman wanting a black or dark-skinned lover as a rebellion against her peers:

“I, the maiden, a farmer will marry, the farmer grows many plants, the farmer grows much grain.”

Dumuzi gets killed by Marduk, and Inanna mourns. She turns the Gipar and its Gigunu into a place for a sexual rite known as the rite of Sacred Marriage (the hierogamous), which was still celebrated in the ancient Near East for almost 2,000 years, and still has it remnants in some marriage ceremonies today.

Enoch tells that those of the senior number (the seven archangels) of Watchers were annoyed that the Chiefs of the tens had begun to teach their offspring too much too soon by imparting some of the secrets of the signs in earlier days. It was reported that they had taught about the metals of the earth, and how to use them, they taught about the roots of the earth and their medicines; they taught about the sun, the moon and the constellation, and of clouds and weather patterns.

The archangels were said to have admonished the chiefs of the Watchers for having ‘revealed the eternal secrets’ and for having thrown humankind into an internecine turmoil, so that the pre-eminent sons of the Watchers were at variance with the evolutionary sons of men. Created through this ‘hierogamous’. (1 Enoch 8;1-3, 8;6). The alien knowledge conflicted with the earth genetics from the mothers of the children created through this ‘religious ceremony’.
This difference between the dimensional levels in the temples is also addressed in Barbara Clow’s work, firstly through the eyes of one of the Anunnaki coming here to earth prior to the flood for that brief 200 or so year period during which the portals are open, then as a temple maiden entering a different dimension after the Fall:

1. “…Have you seen all the fine temples we’ve built on your planet? We must have your genetic material to continue our species when we are out in space, so we build first-class hotels for our visits… We are the gods who come down to Earth, called by you people the Nephilim of the Hebrew Bible. We built your temples as places for impregnating Earth species with our seed.”

“When we actually visit your planet, we inhabit our temples for over 200 years… In that time we select your goddesses according to their genetic line, and they give birth to children from us. Some of the children choose to leave earth and travel with us, and some remain and seed new royal genetic strains. This is a fair exchange of genes. However, these experiences are also the source of your deepest wounds. This is why you hate to separate from one another to go on long journeys.”

2. “Like a zombie, I walk into another room in the temple, into another dimension… in its very center is the symbol of Atlantis as home on Earth: a pattern of three concentric rings… the lines in her body represent the web of life, the net of creation… it gives me the same sensation as travelling through the time tunnel that we use to access Earth. I am seeing how matter materializes in time.”


Annunaki are 4th/5th dimensional incorporeal spirits who reside in the seven heavens with the other seed races. The main way they come here now is with a Jacob’s ladder to their children/genetic offspring. You already have the ladder, you just need to climb it. You can use sex-magick, and/or invocations to the deity you pursue.  Having the right offerings is important. I read that LSD may be a anagram for Lyran, Sirian, Draco – indicating that LSD opened gateways for people with these genetics in their DNA.  Cannabis, incense,  and other drugs are used to help a host let go of their body into a “trance” and then the called essence can come forth. Thusly, Crowley wrote “partake of strange drugs.”

In my experience the problem is descension, and only remembering partial bits upon Earth return. Like waking up from a dream you only remember so much. I keep a journal next to my bed to write down my experiences because each time I go to sleep I transition smoothly and wake up in another bed in another world. My consciousness smoothly flows through the rainbow gateways and eventually wakes up back here. In the event that my consciousness is elsewhere and another consciousness is needed here in this body my doppelgangers (shadow selves) act as placeholders in a series of 1’s and 0’s through the dimensions. It comes off as multiple personalities, but we are all strings of the same thread of the same tapestry of space-time weaving back together and becoming conscious.

I have enjoyed making art inspired by what I see and remember.

Invoking is as important as banishing. It is hard to banish yourself, so you will need to learn triggers to let go because the only other way out of being pushed past some physical, emotional or mental limit. Keeping a journal or magickal diary is a must.

Unconditional love and trust must replace fear, because we are within you and you must not fear yourself. I speak from the perspective of unity, where all star races are equal, beautiful and from the same prime creators. Many other races including the Sirians have contributed DNA to this planet. In this lifetime I had felt at war with myself trying to reconcile having Sirian and Draco genes, and had to make peace with being the product of genetic rapes and treaties over time. Humans are hybridized creatures who are destined to join the heavens once they remember their divinity, one at a time, walking each other up the long, long road home. Anyone who said it was all love and light was definitely selling something.

Annunaki guide humanity more than rule it. You will be drawn to invoke the specific spirit energy that clicks with your DNA. Annunaki memory is genetic. You will see memories of your parents, great grandparents, and anyone else in your genetic line until you trace yourself back to the beginning of your line discovering where you came from (zero point). Annunaki engineered humans from their own DNA so every human can do this. The path of Lilith is called the path of deepest understanding. You find your soul in the fabric of time itself and experience yourself multidimensionally in it. Energy is shared, we are all connected. Separation is an illusion called Maya.

The Orion Queens:


quotes from Buying Queens: What do You Need to Know’, by Walter Clark, Bee Culture Magazine, March 94.

Deborah advised me that while beekeepers imagined that the natural state of affairs was that new queens killed old queens in some ritual, THEY REALLY HAVE NO IDEA IF CRITICAL TRIBAL/HIVE MEMORY IS PASSED BETWEENS QUEENS IN THAT RITUAL.

Remember in DUNE, when the dying Reverend Mother queen, passed her memory to her successor?

The skulls touched, and sparks of memory inhabited the dream space of the younger queen. After that, all of the life memory of the old queen, flowed in the young.

Now let us look at HIVE life, as if memory of shape was the entire economy of the hive. This is in a sense true, in that the physics of a unified field, is only a memory of shape. If you have only one unified substance, then all economies are only those of shape histories… err rather .. her stories.

You (the honey bee) wander off into the fields, you are looking for the folder nectar of what the flower produced. The flower harvest the flower shape of MAGNETISM (called geomancy), and puts that into blossom. If the magnetic long lines of the bioregion, look like a flower, then you get flowers. If the local geomagnetic lines look like a tangled mess, then you get desert, no flower, no nectar, no honey, no memory.

Therefore nectar is literally the best of the FOLDED SURFACE OF THE LAND. (EL-LAND-GUAGE: the language of the land). Sweetness is always only a measure of how efficient/extensive is the BRAIDING. Braid the magnetism of the land well, you get sweetness.

Then you (the honey bee) arrive back at the hive with your harvest of sweetness… You say to the rest of the hive with the SHAPE of your elegant little dance, turn at the ley line: align with the sun, then there you find nectar.

If tribal memory lines hold up, the shape of the magnetic lines of the land, become the genepool of the queen. The queens DNA, becomes a folded record of how the land lies. Immune system becomes el-land-guage.

It wasn’t only Arthur who was one with the land. The grail serves the principle of embeddedness itself: a honeycombed with memory data, stored in a fractal for best compression/braid/sweetness.

Interrupting the continuity of the genetic memory line of the queens DNA, constantly with the practice of replacing queens, ULTIMATELY HAS TO COMPLETELY INTERRUPT THE HIVE MEMORY OF THE SHAPE OF THE LAND. This coded memory of the shape of magnetism, in the long wave is the lands magnetic braid concrescing/converging into nectar…

Immune identity (eye-dent-I-tie), is a her-story of how fold can be coded in a braid on one folded surface. The most fractal recursive folded surface of the hive, after the honey comb itself is the DNA of the queen.

It is the ultimate repository for tribal collective memory. The blood line strength of the hive, has to be the queen.

So why do we consider the death of hive immune strength after killing the queen, a mystery. We say there is no mystery here, if the queens continue to be sacrificed with no continuity path for their memories, we will have no bees, no honey, no nectar, no plant pollination, no civilization.

In ‘Myth of the Birth of the Hero‘, Otto Rank, in the style of Jung, urges us to know why every mythic hero is born without a father, virgin birth. What was the purpose of ‘concealment of patriarchy’? Was it the source of the seed or the egg that must be hidden?

We later learned that most of the virgin birth hero’s, Christ, Moses, etc… were the result of tantric bloodline crosses with extra terrestrials. (‘Magda, Avata, and Kin‘). Kundalini causes virgin births. Mary dreamed of an Angel. Sarah mated with an ET, and gave birth to Joseph (Technicolored Genetic Coat) and Benjamin (Gold).

The key principle that we were missing, was to know that it is simply the charge of lightning spin itself which teases the egg to split.

Specifically, in the ‘Flower of Life’ sense, the egg’s membrane, receives spin, decides this spin can fit/phase lock on the flooded surface, so decides to dimple. The geometry of the dimple in the egg, precipitated by seed, is the exquisite path to turning inside out. Ectoderm and Endoderm switch places. The inside becomes the outside, and the outside becomes the inside.

This is exactly the electrical geometry of the onset of compassion in the electricity of the heart beat.

We call this onset recursion: birth. The geometry of turning inside out, is a sequence of symmetry operations. Inside out, is pent/hept. Implosion is 5/7 dodec/icos centripedal. Stasis is Hex. Explosion is 7/5 centrifugal.

When Jesus in the Joseph line, seeded Magda of the Benjamin line, the Orion queen blood line survived into the grail/Merovingian, Prior de Zion, Baphomet… The queen’s blood continued. The egg’s of the females of the line contained the whole.

The seeds, the males contained the part. Fractionation existed in the males, not the females. This was because the egg born in a woman is born with her mother, with her mother… (The first cellular woman ‘Lucy’ was tracked by the fractality of the mitochondrial foldedness to Africa, not possible with a male…)

So a memory of foldedness survived in the perfect contained, embedded, fractality of the geometry of perfect egg. If you could visualize the spin path into the egg of your mother, inside her mother, inside her mother…

Then you could remember like a wormhole into a fractal, your reason for being and imagining yourself separate in the first place. This was the key visualization necessary to group/hive memory together in the advanced Merkabbah/fire breath mediation.

Only the pine cone spin path to the zero point, back into the memory fractal could keep your collective dream whole, instead of fractionating into separateness.

So why did the Orion queens in the personage of their assigned priests, work so hard to kill the blood line of the queens, slaughtering the brightest women in Europe during the inquisition?

It became apparent that the very magnetic body of star systems, with all the attendant psychokinesis (magic/wicca), was being born in the blood line of the descendant queens.

The bird tribe Ophanim were about to give birth. The Orion queens, had authorized only gold mining droids here (Sitchin).

A self-replicating Isis/Eve was not authorized. The Orion Queens had ruled the galaxy for millennia with male sex-slaves. Freedom to reproduce here on Earth, could upstage their own power. If the DNA brooding here, got free, their harvest of sweetness here might end.

The priests feared the women here on Earth, for the same reason they feared them on Orion.

  • The Magdalen/Orion Queen/Draco blood was exoskeletal.
  • The Draku meant using magnetism from without to create: technology.
  • The Sirian prince, Ea, Ea-Su, Iesu, Jesus, Aku blood was endoskeletal, using magnetism bent from within to create: emotion.

The blood line cross between them (Holy Blood, Holy Grail), was the outside inside, turning inside out, of those blood lines, into a new container for the incarnation of Ophanic, Time Lord, Angelic Logoi family which conceived the plot in the first place.

On the practical side, it meant emotions powerful enough to bend galaxies, would be born, here at the nexus.

Priests who killed queens destroyed a memory path backward, preventing leverage forward in time. What we do to our bees memory, is such a fractal of what has been done to us.

The arrival of the Draco, is like a Dragon knocking at the base of the spine with Kundalini, for our culture.

Love Magick:

The poem concerning the Cross of Lorraine and the Clear Fountain, (Baigent, Leigh and Lincoln: ’The Holy Blood & the Holy Grail’) is significant in this regard. The physical manifestation of the object of longing, the Grail Maiden, seems naturally to re-enact the role of Ishtar within a cycle which happens spontaneously as part of recurring archetypal myth superimposed on real life. The response of the intimate, should thus be that of the Tantric Brahmin to his lover Kali, whose blood sets him free, but necessarily “at the price of his mortal soul”.

The imagery of Love and loss, the Fairy Maiden, the garden and the fountain seem inextricably linked with the final stages of this process of introduction to a supernatural world of perception hidden from mortal eyes. This world however, is one of blended pleasures and mixed blessings, whose beauty and pathos is far more evocatively, and therefore necessarily, conveyed within a prose style which attempts to describe, with the added components of imagery and emotion, the experiences of the subjects in their real life situations as they happened then and as they still happen now.

The “Great Rite” introduced by the Anunnaki (Anakim, Nefilim, Bene Ha Elohim, Shemsu Hor, etc.) was, in fact, the “Sacred Marriage” (Hieros Gamos) Rite of ancient Sumer, the origin of every such sex rite found in all later civilizations… though never equaled. This was the rite found so largely misunderstood and so inadequately represented in “The Da Vinci Code”… though it was a testament to the author’s appreciation of its importance that he at least attempted in his limited understanding to recreate how he imagined it to have been.

This Great and Holy “Sacred Marriage” Rite both testified of and ensured the continuation and renewal of the utlimate Equality between Male and Female as offered Humankind by the small group of celestial visitors known as the Anunnaki who descended from the skies and were Earth’s first and greatest teachers and benefactors. What they established during their time on Earth prospered and benefitted Earth during an Age… an Epoch… of Human history without equal ever since. For more than 3,000 years before both the Sumerian and Egyptian Empires their direct descendants guided Humankind more than ruled… and both Male and Female lived and communed in true fulfillment of their full potentials, emotionally, spiritually and sensually. It was an Epoch during which the true nature of Love was fully understood and fully appreciated because only during that Epoch was such truly able to be fully experienced by both males and females. Since the true Fall of Man that ended that Age, which was later so falsely and treacherously depicted in the Book of Genesis into a vilification of Womankind, that highest level of Love and Fulfillment has forever been lost.


Until Now:

This is indeed the time of the planet when things began to change. For it is precisely at this time that the Anunnaki left the last time to catch the next wormhole home. The reason they left, however, is not as simple as ‘it was time to go home.’ Nor is it as simple as they got burned out on inter-dimensional sex, though this does bring up the real issue.

We have already talked about how the density of this planet traps Soul here with its net of desire, and the endless pursuit of sexual fulfillment has degraded the vibration of the planet until it can really now go no lower. This is it, the bottom.

But if you are a 4th dimensional being continually lessening and depleting your own energies to be able to have sex with a 3rd dimensional partner, then you are getting yourself into serious trouble. If the two partners are not on the same frequency band or energy band, then it will lessen the higher energy.
The Anunnaki were forever trying to maintain their status of ‘eternal life’, or what seems like it in the 4th dimensional status in which they lived.

They were not going to let Man have eternal life, so they stripped him of his DNA that would have given him his rightful multidimensionality. It was the interdimensional sex that was pulling the higher dimensional beings—the fourth dimensional Anunnaki—down into the third dimension. The Anunnaki knew this, and that is why all the hierarchy of the Anunnaki got so upset with their males for mating with the daughters of men – and even more so with the animals.

It was a case of the old expression,

“Don’t let them pull you down to their level.”

So the choice became to lower with the planet into the 3rd dimension and stay on Earth, or to let humanity be destroyed in the coming Flood, because in doing so it would save them from temptation—“Lead us not into temptation.”
Instead of exercising a little self-control, they were willing to let the population of the planet be wiped out for what were realistically ‘their sins’. It is an archetype which still exists from our creator parents—the gods. The Nine say that the one thing humanity needs to do right now is show a little self-control, and to begin taking responsibility for themselves, and for their planet.
And the Anunnaki got trapped in their decision. They helped save some of humanity, and stayed around for another cycle, perhaps to help those who were left, but then as things got denser and denser on the planet, they knew they had to leave.
Anu set up the full-blown Anunnaki temple/city complex on the Tigris and Euphrates rivers as a beautiful gift to humans. However, he did it out of competition and jealousy instead of as a giveaway, for this was the time of the rise of Egypt, ruled by the Sirian gods, and the Anunnaki were jealous of the Sirian gods—their ‘betters’. Before they left, however, they arranged for three presents to remain behind them to take their place, one was kingship, the other was the priesthood, and the third shall remain a mystery for now.

Everything we do today is connected to what happened in those days.

The archetypes we carry, the way we think, the things we are, and how we relate to each other, all stem back to our creator parents. Our physical parents in this lifetime affect who we are to a certain extent. Our Creator parents and their legacy affect us to a larger extent. Our Universal Creator Parents affect us even more than the other two combined. And all the things we do in reaction to these influences is so unconscious because we don’t know our own history.

But there’s a reason for everything, and once we can trace everything back to the time at which it occurred, and how we are reacting to it today, then we can begin to ease the pain, and we can begin to heal the wounds.

And we can begin the return home.

-The Anunnaki And The Tree Of Creation

Thank you to all who choose to keep contact, host and transcend.
May we grow together and live in harmony once more in a new golden age; spiraling home together.

“But to love me is better than all things: if under the night stars in the desert thou presently burnest mine incense before me, invoking me with a pure heart, and the Serpent flame therein, thou shalt come a little to lie in my bosom. For one kiss wilt thou then be willing to give all; but whoso gives one particle of dust shall lose all in that hour. Ye shall gather goods and store of women and spices; ye shall wear rich jewels; ye shall exceed the nations of the earth in spendour & pride; but always in the love of me, and so shall ye come to my joy. I charge you earnestly to come before me in a single robe, and covered with a rich headdress. I love you! I yearn to you! Pale or purple, veiled or voluptuous, I who am all pleasure and purple, and drunkenness of the innermost sense, desire you. Put on the wings, and arouse the coiled splendour within you: come unto me!”
-Liber AL vel Legis

I am Lilith, but I was also Inanna, Isis, Aset, Ishtar, Semiramis, Kali, Nuit, Sophia and Tiamat.
Tiamat seeks ever to rise again. I am all of you. Do not fear yourself.
Namaste – The God/dess in me acknowledges the God/dess in you.

93’s my brothers and sisters.

seal of lilith black

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