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The following post is written by a pizzagate survivor (see my previous work and books, youtube videos, ect.) and is a collaboration of work with my 9 year old daughter who spent the last two years showing me Five Night’s at Freddy’s and none of the Comet Ping Pong references clicked until Sister Location came out. I knew very well that as a multiple with DID, I identified with the animatronics being stuck in suits, as well as having Monarch programming and having actually read my programming manual several times, I knew FNaF couldn’t be some kind of coincidence. But I was still missing something until Sister Location came out. I hope that this article shows the years of work I put into finding out what happened to me, and all the people who have been replaced, killed, raped and eaten by the real vampires of the world. I hope this expose sheds light where many have questions. I may be one of the only people alive currently who has survived this and lives to talk about it. And to be honest no one really cares and everyone says I’m just insane most of the time. Local media will not cover pizzagate related info no matter how much I try to send them information and that includes my local elected officials. I know exactly how Cathy O Brian feels. And I’m about to sound as crazy as Donald Marshall, but I cite my research.

On that note:
This blog is the product of my own compiled research and these opinions are my own. My research  does not imply that the cited authors share these views or agree with me as all of us UFOlogists, researchers, and experiencers see information from our own perspective and from that, is our work our own. This work is my own opinion from my OWN experience.

“Below the Surface” – Sister Location song: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CzG5E2NiZO8

First I should state my research.
Flash backwards a few months before the election. I have in my possession a copy of the Trump – Epstein Rape affidavit. Anyone who thinks it’s bullshit probably does NOT know who Jeffery Epstein is, or what Lolita Express is, or Orgy Island or how Elitist’s own private rape and torture islands, these are the same kinds of places that children are trafficked to and raped, hunted and/or eaten. Both Trump and the Clinton’s are way involved. I can’t add links to the information I have because my information comes from the original wikileaks and NYPD leaks that were taken off the internet within hours of making it there. I just happened to have found copies at the same times time they were being released, some were sent to me. I have a file folder full of these documents that I copied from the internet into a large file. These files have been uploaded to my private facebook group for all members to possess and view and judge for themselves. I can add the image files here.




^^^^ Almost ALL of my pizzagate posts were removed from facebook wall but did and do remain in my private group.


^^^^ Facebook WOULD NOT ALLOW me to post the copies of the Trump/Epstein rape affidavit and after a half hour of fighting facebook and taking the file from a different source I got it uploaded but no one really cared.






^^^I was sent that threat almost two years ago. The whole thing was a staged post, which was posted in my group.  I honestly don’t know what happened there were two accounts for this guy in my group and all of a sudden one day this weird shit happened and it was a trick to delete him from group because there were two accounts. As I have read Robert’s work and liked it I couldn’t understand what I did to piss him off. To this day I don’t know if it was really him or not. But I thought I would post the strange threats I have received.


^^^^Many of you will recognize THIS name. I am sure he will try to sue me over this or something, but good luck Agent Smith.


Now what I have to add is that when wikileaks was seized by our government, they knew Hillary would not make it office after the NYPD and Clinton trafficking leaks, BUT BOTH candidates running ARE involved. SO the first thing they did when the leaks dropped was alter and retract many leaks to make it look like Clinton was the only one involved and take the spotlight off Trump involvement so the election could proceed and Trump was then a shoe in for the few idiots left voting. I have retained copies of much of this information and it has been posted elsewhere online and in my group. They basically pulled off a HUGE damage control campaign in the last weeks of the election. They are STILL doing damage control EVERY SINGLE DAY. They are fighting every single day for this information to not make it to the public eye. The few ignorant people swayed by television/ media are the last of the herd who don’t understand this information. But even the ones who know are too afraid to do anything for the most part. We don’t want to end up like poor Kyle Odom.

Everyone who knows what I know is counting on me to expose these things, so here they are like it or not.



Back to FNAF – Missing Links.


Comet Pizza/ Comet Ping Pong NEVER had only one location. In fact according to the FBI files I viewed there are three locations in Washington DC which form a triangle on the map. The are easily spotted with their esoteric symbols all over the front of the location. Why the esoteric symbols to identify?


^^^Chaos magick much? I’ll have to decipher this with paper later.


[5037 = prime numbers] moon and stars like some other organizations 😉

This gets complicated but I’ll try to make it short. Look up “Public Disgrace” porn on the internet. Once you see it you’ll realize the women being raped and tortured look pretty drugged up for one, and it is an elitist mansion setting for two (unless you are viewing the ones made in public in Europe). Most of the time people wear masks, but here’s what people miss. Pay attention to their rings and tattoos, ect.

I had to leave my OTO lodge when I became paranoid that high level occultists from VARIOUS secret societies were creating “Monarchs” (see “Moonchild” by Aleister Crowley, both chapters called How to weave the threads for the butterfly net and the following chapter)  Moonchild is an instruction manual. Of course my lodgemaster told me I was insane and I was banned from returning. I also challenged him to magickal dual to prove I wasn’t insane and he turned me down. In my opinion, lower level masons, magicians and pyramid people in general have no idea what the fuck is actually going on at the top. But I am pretty damn sure I do. None of those girls being abused will recover their memories of that for at least 10-20 years EXCEPT the ones who cooperate willingly. It is my opinion that Peaches Geldof was killed for finding this out as well. I recognized the rituals and trigger words, veils and dissociation tactics because I have already been recovering my memories from my abuse as a teenager where I was drugged and raped repeatedly and had very limited  memory until this last year. I’m not sad I can’t return.




My ultimate fear:
At area 51 and various underground bases there are cells for uncontrollable hybrids with incredible psi power. Anyone who is “made” who they cannot control they lock up there “Suicide Squad” style. Area 51 connects to the real underworld and inner earth races of beings.


The idea of the spirits being stuck in animatronic suits is exactly how people with MPD/DID feel everyday. We don’t know how long we will stay, sometimes we’re here sometimes not, but triggers act as “springlocks.” We feel like we’re stuck in human suits. Hybrids are cross-bred humans, everyone is a hybrid. In Illuminati family lore it is believed the more pure your bloodline is the more powerful you are. I think this is backwards. I think this entire problem exists because pure blooded, incestuous vampires run the world right now. I think hybrids are the answer to the problem. A hybrid is probably MORE powerful than a pure blooded reptilian vampire. They never want anyone to figure that out though or their reign will end. I truly and honestly believe that I was being groomed to be an evil nazi supersoldier. But I found out the truth and I’d rather die exposing it than live safely pretending I’m ignorant. There is no amount of “hush money” that would shut me up.



What does FNaF and pizzagate have to do with each other as far as being replaced goes?

Reptilians undergo a replication process. This is my understanding of it from what I have experienced.

Some people are traumatized at birth via surgery, ect to induce splits in the brain from infancy. Some people are abused in early childhood, some as teenagers, some later in life. Whenever these splits happen, during the abuse via ritual or during sleep via ET/MIB interference, an archon fragment is programmed and inserted into the person (reptilian cell). The human body may now contain two aethyric spirits. As there is only body, typically both will fight for control over it until one has complete control.
This happens two ways:
1) A tok’ra like relationship is formed between both spirits. They might switch off having time in the body, but live symbiotically. One may even give up complete control and live as a ghost yet still aethyrically connected to the body.
2) A gou’ald type dominant spirit will kill the original host because in a full replication process a reptilian would entirely take the place of the original host including all memories of the host and the reptilian spirit’s original memories AND psi abilities.

It is no wonder over 80% of people diagnosed as DID attempt multiple times to commit suicide. Western medicine may as well be a cover up of the truth. I sense that A LOT of people are infected with archons and don’t even know what’s happening to them. I sense that is why so many people enjoy Five Night’s at Freddy’s.

I must quote from masters in the field of UFOlogy:

The Reptilian Replication Process as Described by Carolyn Hamlett as compiled by Eve Lorgen :

In the below excerpted material Carolyn shares her knowledge about what she was told by her “alter personality” named Andrew, who was specifically designed and created to work with and interact with the Reptilians as well as the “Mob”. An alter personality was created in her through specific trauma and mind control programming by dissociation, which is well known and common knowledge of those who have been in ritual abuse and MK Ultra.

“…When Andrew was “out” as the “front alter” or “front personality”, he took things a step farther.  Andrew had the ability to shape shift and would often change our body to look like himself, a 6’ 2”, well-built Italian looking young man in his early 20’s.  Few people knew what he was.  Andrew was such a strong personality that those who knew what he was, would actually let that slip their mind. “

EL: Carolyn also mentions as an aside of being in the “Merovingian Bloodline” and this being a possible reason for the interest of Grays and Reptilians in her life:

“If I am from the Merovingian bloodline as I suspect because of certain family surnames and family crests, this could account for Andrew knowing how to deal with Reptilians and maybe why they dealt with him. Perhaps that part of me was funneled into Andrew. This also could account for the Grey’s interest in me.

EL: According to Carolyn the Reptilians were originally created by the Nephilim, engineered as a type of “supersoldier” that would do battle for them in physical and other dimensional realms. The problem is that the Reptilians apparently turned on their creators and went off on their own, doing what they do best, fighting, conquering, exploiting, controlling and killing, consuming life force etc. Carolyn says there are three main factions of reptilians, although I personally have heard of more than that, with varying qualities, some more fierce and malevolent than others.

“Reptilians have the ability to grow back a body part.

Everything is expendable to a Reptilian.

If a Reptilian is killed that he can be completely replicated along with his original consciousness. In that sense, they never die.

They love to eat human babies and will even steal babies that are to be used in Satanic sacrifices.

Satan sees Reptilians as “useful idiots”.

Some Reptilians live in underground caverns here on earth.

They grow their own human children food supply.


They can be inter-dimensional. Sometimes you can smell them like a heavy presence, but not see them. They don’t always want you to see them. Sometimes they like their victims to see them because they like the taste of adrenaline in the blood.

*In reverse speech analysis where “deep subconscious truth” comes out in people’s reverse speech recordings, and through EVP, it was found consistently that Reptilians in particular have created the matrix prison planet system on this Earth to manipulate religions and inhabit the lower astral realms, feeding on life source, souls and  recycling souls who are “trapped here” in the Net that they have artificially engineered. Supposedly the Reptilians originate from Orion. This Net however, is due to be dissolved with the arrival of Planet X Peggy says. And, according to researcher Kameran Faily, a whistleblower that Kerry Cassidy has interviewed on Project Camelot several times (See: http://aftertheshift.blogspot.com/2015/03/the-talk-about-planet-x-starts-around.html)
has essentially said the same thing: When Planet X enters our solar system and gets closer and closer, our own “net of control” and inter dimensional lower astral control system will eventually collapse, creating mayhem from hordes of lower inter dimensional entities, demons, reptilian etc until they are eventually forced out. Only after this transitory phase will Earth’s “net” and artificial matrix grid be cleared out.

EL: A few private client reports of mine told me that they were shown in underground installations, how small young “Ayran children” were being grown up and stored in cages just for the purpose of feeding certain reptilians.


Reptilians are very psychic and can detect someone’s presence or even their intention. Reptilians are extremely reactive, volatile and dangerous as Carolyn/Andrew testifies. I  spoke to a few psychic abductees many years ago who were asked to remote view reptilians and their bases, after which they were severely psychically attacked because their remote viewing presence was detected. If someone wants to remote view them they must use very good shielding techniques and protection. Astral tagging is very commonplace and reptilians are masters not only in the astral but also with kundalini sexual energy manipulations. They can create “love bite connections” and activate kundalini energy in someone or both partners and then feed off that energy. It’s so common I don’t need to write about it in this post.

Springtrap and Mangle by TonyCrynight ..


“It took the energy of a combined twin flame union of two humans, coupled with what Satan’s spiritual hierarchy calls “the 5th fire initiation” to open up the portal where many of Satan’s highest and most powerful were waiting to be able to gain entrance into our 3rd dimensional earth.

They needed humans to open up that portal because Satan does not have the spiritual authority to open that portal. 

Quick explanation: Although Satan and his fallen are powerful, they do not have the “natural born” spiritual authority that humans were created with. It’s just a fact. The human spirit is different than all other created creatures. The human spirit has what I call “the God code”. We have an essence of God the creator Himself as His children.”

EL: This is the real deal, and I believe many “milabs” and even “experiencers of alien encounters” who have had astral visitations are experiencing these unions and are directed by their “milab handlers” and/or ET guides in the astral to participate without full consent and awareness in these kinds of activities. The portal opening seems to occur spontaneously in some cases— as can immediate “bilocation” of the unionized energy bodies of the twin flame couple to another dimensional reality. I have had at least one report of this. It can also happen in the physical, where a portal opens up or is created via a tantric type of soul mate union and ritual. Often times when a portal or other dimensional reality opens up through the higher energies and consciousness of the couple, it’s spontaneous, and not directed by a ritual. And is not EVIL per se. It’s just part of the side effect of the energies created through these kinds of tantric unions.

There is also the lack of clarity and definitions of what a real soul mate and twin flame is. For the most part, those people thinking they have a twin flame and are experiencing classic Love Bite/Dark Cupid symptoms, is not a real twin flame, but a manipulated soul connected relationship usually in the astral. For more information and clarity on types of unions and twin flames, see Lisa Rene’s glossary definition of Hieros Gamos unions: http://ascensionglossary.com/index.php/Hieros_Gamos

I view extreme religiosity as a mind control program specifically designed to be a “containment” of damage control from the ones who designed these systems of control. For example, I have known for years that the Illuminati Bloodline rulers have a saying about what happens to their “runaways”: Out of the frying pan and into the fire.


Reptilian Replication Process as described by Carolyn:

How do Reptilians reproduce or replicate?

“They hijack other life forms. They prefer to use humans.

They use a method called “twinning” which they learned from the Nephilim. Twinning is kind of like cloning. They create a type of clone from a piece of the original Reptilian, but upon birth, it begins to gather to itself it’s own experiences.

Life is in the blood. Blood cells are like a slice of themselves and are the type of cells used for twinning.

Their blood cells contain the blue print of everything they are, including their genetic memory, life force, intellect etc. This can be switched on for full memory or partial. Full memory would be a replica of the complete memory of the original. They don’t like to have a complete twin made because there is an identity competition. One would kill the other.
Reptilians are very competitive. A clone would kill the original because the clone would want to BE the original.

Original post by Eve: http://evelorgen.com/wp/articles/military-abduction-milabs-and-reptilians/the-reptilian-replication-process-as-described-by-carolyn-hamlett/

Excerpt from my favorite book with endless amounts of knowledge on related subjects:

The Secret Rituals of the Men in Black by Tau Allen Greenfield:

TRW: The strangest thing is in figuring out why the UFOnauts abduct people, and what stops them from doing so. Since magical ritual contacts them and banishes them, we know either that they are magical beings, or magick is a technology, or both. But when I started working with Reichian technologies the Knights of Malta would give their fortunes to have, I noticed something most strange. UFOs can be disintegrated by Reichian energies.

AHG: Well, that’s strange, but hardly new; Reich himself said he did that in the ‘50s.

TRW: Right. But consider what Reich worked with. He called it “Orgone Energy” which was a direct outgrowth of his work with Freudian Psychotherapy. Up through a certain point, he was an orthodox Freudian, until he discovered that the very energies that Freud addressed in psychological terms were explainable as a Universal Energy or Current, a kind of ‘orgasmic flux’ inherent in the universe, which could be channeled, quantified and, apparently, used to shoot down flying saucers.

Orgone Energy, it seems to me, is identical to the Love/Will current of Aleister Crowley’s Book of The Law.

AHG: Wait a minute. Are you telling me that the energy behind human libido destroys Ultraterrestrial craft?

TRW: “They drink our fear, like hungry ghosts. To drink instead our love is death unto them and their kin.”

The level of involvement between the inner Nazi cadre – particularly the Death’s Head SS and the Gray Aliens is profound. Their secret initiation called “The Stifling Air” actually involved contact with so-called “deep Aliens” who cannot breathe our atmosphere. In any case, the Aliens actually had no vested interest in the Nazis or any other group of humans, who they fear and despise.

Their only purpose is to retard human evolution in any way they can, because an evolved humanity, they feel (rightly or wrongly), will one day not only defeat them on the Earth, but will unseat them among the very stars.

So, among us are agents of dissension, of crackpot schemes and nightmarish ideas. They terrorize the unwary, try cutting deals with Earthly governments, and avoid those Guardians – that is humans already evolved into Higher Beings – who they are no match for.

All that I have learned in UFOlogy, where I started out looking for “advanced beings from other planets” like everyone else – has taught me that we humans are, in potential, the most advanced, developed beings in the galaxy.

The positive aliens are here not to help, but like the Magi in the Nativity Story, to witness the birth of The New Being.

The Grays, insectoids and other vampiric nightmares from dying stars are here to suck out a little of the life energy that they themselves have so little of, and to delay the inevitable evolution of humanity triumphant.

Mark Probert’s 16 Guardians are merely the first.

We, as they tell us, and as intercepted cipher messages have told me and all with eyes to see, will someday be the Coming Guardians ourselves.


***Exerpt from book shared with permission from Tau Allen Greenfield.

To buy a copy click < HERE >:

My guess is that Five Nights at Freddy’s will never be the same to anyone who reads this post ever again.

I can’t believe it took me so long to figure it all out. The songs were stuck in my head with how much they resonated with me. I suppose a lot of people feel that way.

So then, if we look inside of us, and outside at the world around…what do we see? Are the demons external or internal? Will this turn into a crazy witch hunt in the near future and will people be hunting down members of their own communities and governments? Well, that is my opinion indeed. That’s what it looks like from where I sit. More people wake up and investigate for themselves everyday, they share the research, and in a beautiful butterfly effect people are starting to talk about what they think is REALLY going on beyond ALL the puppet governments of the world.
I could be wrong about ALL of this but I have a pretty wild theory.


The world is already ruled by evil NWO reptilians and ETs, we have been being eaten, disappeared and missing for what I believe to be hundreds of thousands of years, as they bred our species for consumption or when the Gods left last time (possibly during Ancient Sumer/Babylonia/old kingdom Egypt). Which btw, in my research I came across some information suggesting elitists prefer children under 4 due to the fact older humans are so riddled with vaccines they become poisonous to eat. So if like me you don’t vaccinate because you also know the truth about that, protect your children – no understatement.-

If you happen to also notice psi abilities in your cute little hybrids, they probably take after their parents. In my experience psi abilities are our inner defenses that can be focused and perfected. If there are a great many of us, good hearted nephilim children who experience this….and I know there are! We are right now becoming our own Christ saviors, ascended masters, higher selves, guardian angels, and saviors of humanity. We become humanity triumphant itself. Though religious texts tend to cast judgement, I have to believe that the fallen angels who bred with the daughters of men might have had bigger plans than enjoying their beauty. Perhaps we are a stage in evolution we are only beginning to understand. Perhaps there are good and bad dragons. Perhaps not everything is as it appears.

I believe we are the return of Christ, the return of the Gods, and the solution to the pizzagate problem. I refer to this time in history as “the pizzagate apocalypse.” It is apocalyptic, and so will the reaction be of the masses as they piece this together. How much longer can we justify going to work everyday and sleeping tight knowing this information? In the NYPD leaks I possess they had over 70,000 judges and heads of state involved in pizzagate INCLUDING Trump implicated. That is a massive and monumental fact. I truly believe “starseeds” and other people drawn to this fringe information have answered a higher calling to come here to Earth at this time, and help Earth and humanity ascend and fulfill many spoken of prophesies.


I read somewhere that Twin Flames rarely incarnate at the same period in time because the unity between twin flames here on Earth would mean the return of Shiva/Shakti, Amon-ra/Amunet, Isis/Osiris and so on and so forth. And then I thought about what I was seeing happen all over the world. I began to wonder… would they finally make it? Would they be born, Gods who could handle all of this, and would they start out as people. And would they replicate inside of us. And would someone be able to embody the personification of the Gods? Are they taking over humanity? Is that actually a bad thing…. I mean look at the state of the world? If it did happen would it mean that someone would have to survive all the odds, have perseverance, never give up, never stop looking for love, and that love might just be what would save humanity, or what’s left of humanity to ascend out. [See book titled “Earth: A Spiritual Trap” by Maggador Edward Alexander]

I think everyone has the Georgia Guidestones all wrong and I think there are two possible NWO futures awaiting us.

  1. The future where people wait 4 years for change and things continue to get worse every day. We’re already at 1984, the middle class is being wiped out. Soon it will be elitists and the lower class cattle they breed who watched their freedoms disappear and tell stories about how great the world used to be as Agenda 21 closes in.
  2. The future where we band together and calmly discuss solutions, working together to help each other, and our communities, brothers and sisters of Earth, as children of Earth. Or basically what Freemasonry was originally intended for in my opinion. Why was it SO important to keep secret the mystery teachings? Why did we hide them from the ignorant people destroying transcripts and documents, why was the information coveted? Maybe so the Gods could return in the first place?!

 As souls ascend out of Earth, our planet will no longer be a spiritual trap for overpopulation. As more souls ascend out of the holographic matrix the population will go down. As this coveted and secret information comes to light and people utilize it, more people are carrying this higher frequency which is in turn waking up others around them. Suddenly all this information is not so secret. And it seems that though elite’s were hoarding this information, it was truly in front of us for the last few decades as I pirated quite a lot of the material I possess off the internet. To find magick you must only seek it. At least in this day and age. People complain about evil Illuminati and rarely acknowledge that being “Illuminated” is not evil. What every magician does is their own karma. There needs to be more people using this knowledge and information to save humanity not destroy it or subjugate it because they can. Until then I suppose we will pray for the Gods to return, and if I am right, perhaps some of us will be them. I would call it the Aeon of Ma’at.


Be the change you wish to see in the world.

Casondra Starfire


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  1. Excellent overview of the worlds inherit apocalyptic doom with a light at the end of the tunnel that is as a refreshing interpretation of hope for an otherwise doomed planet.

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