Ghost? Aliens? Entities? or MILAB experience? You decide.

So last night at 1:00am on the dot my bedroom door opens. I am curled up with my husband and almost asleep. I assume it’s one of my kids coming in and I peek over my husband to see what I believed was my daughter. I closed my eyes and she closed the door. My daughter usually comes in my bedroom really early in the morning and curls up at the foot of my bed. She never would just open and close the door. So I go out to see if something is wrong with her. I check all three kids in the house who were all truly sound asleep with their little faces relaxed on their pillows. I check the house, we’re locked in with not a window or door unlocked. Something/someone definitely just opened and closed my door and it was not any of my kids.

Now, I’m no sheep. I am friends with shadow people and other entities/beings I get along with. I am comfortable with the fact that these entities are around me all the time and I talk with them and they are my best friends when I’m most alone. I am an orgone engineer and there’s a ton of orgone in my house. No negative entity is technically able to exist in my space. Neutral and positive are welcome.

I am an investigator of the paranormal and a thelemite. I believed for over 10 years I was “haunted” only to discover that I had PK every since I was a teenager. I am not likely to believe it’s a ghost. I found studies by other investigators with 30 years under their belt, that claimed over 80% of  their investigations were actually able to be proven linked to a person with PK in the house. Less than 20% over thirty years were actually ghost/poltergeist phenomenon. This cannot be PK as I saw someone or something and with PK except extreme circumstance thats not normal.

My husband thought perhaps my daughter had astral projected since I saw her. I still hold it a possibility. Both my children are homeschooled and non-vaccinated and have been able to learn and excel at an incredibly advanced rate and both show signs of psychic ability. My youngest daughter talks to the spirits around her and tells me when she sees other “monsters” and other beings in “corners”. My oldest can lucid dream and since it was her I saw, astral projection probably isn’t out of the question.

I’ve had astral abduction/milab/TI experiences since I was a teenager. All are documented in my dream journals. It’s made me into an astral warrior. I’m now able to escape dreams I dont like, manifest ones I do and teach those in my dreams to do the same. I excel at beating the “staged dream scenarios” that are set up for me. I’ve experienced “black helicopter phenomena”  since I began clearing the sky with orgone in 2012. Several times a day/night the black helicopters stalk over my house making all sorts or noise and this has gone on for three years and through three moves. My present neighbors are incredibly sketched about it since it’s only happened in this location since I moved in and none of them know what to make of it. These helicopters fly annoyingly low almost touching the roof of trailers and homes. Luckily I am moving from here at the end of the month. Part of my brain is obviously concerned that this was some black ops/milab experience.

I believe I became a milab after my alien experience as a teenager which is documented in my book “The Starseed Conspiracy” by Casondra Starseed. I have always declared that I am happy to be a pleiadian and a contactee. But I will say friendly beings don’t usually wait for you to be asleep to enter. This is what creeped me out. Through all the years I have never had any experience with beings actually using a physical door to enter my room. The beings I deal with can appear/disappear at will and have no use for doors. What kind of entity uses a bedroom door and then is seen as a familiar child when accidentally seen? Then closes the door and disappears? Why would it not just appear invisibly in my room? Actually why was it physical at all?

This led me to another questionable experience.

I had a strange experience last month where I was dreaming that I was at a party in a house on a mountain. In this dream I saw two suns in the sky and two moons. I had sex in my dream at this party but when I woke up I was missing a very interesting piece of body jewelry. I’ve had my clit pierced since I was 15 years old. Actually my husband pierced it for me when we were dating. I have had the same ring in ALL that time. I never took it out even during birth with both my children,. It has never EVER come out in the now 11 years it has stayed in. When I awoke from the dream I was shocked to wake up, get into the shower and discover it was gone. I mean GONE. Not in bed somewhere, it still has not appeared. I had to put another ring in it because the one I had for 11 years disappeared in my sleep.

And then there’s aliens. Of course most of my friends commented with the aliens meme. Most checked the UFO report and there were three confirmed last night in my area. UFO’s can be real UFO’s OR government milab/black ops projects.

If any of these terms are unfamiliar to you I seriously encourage you to google and research them.

So seriously… what do you think opened my bedroom door? Comment below and let me know your opinions! I would love to hear them 🙂

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