The Best Advice No One Ever Told You When You Graduated (BUT SHOULD HAVE)


The Best Advice No One Ever Told You When You Graduated (BUT SHOULD HAVE)

Hello there! I’m Casondra Starseed and today I am going to tell you how I went from getting a high school diploma to owning my own business and being a homeschooling, stay at home, full-time mom.

You should know that when I graduated high school, I had just brought my first daughter Emily into the world about 6 weeks prior, and my (to be-husband) had a job a Hannaford stocking shelves, which didn’t pay much. So we already started off tight on money. My family recommended we sign up for food stamps, which we did. It helped us certainly avoid getting into debt. And we only stayed on them until my husband and I didn’t need them anymore. My husband is a full time blacksmith now, and I have my online business.

My grandfather told me when I graduated “Kasey, I’m 69 years old and I have no debt. You should know how, and this is important so you better remember it. IF YOU DON’T HAVE THE MONEY FOR SOMETHING YOU DON’T BUY IT.” He went on to tell me that my grandmother had signed up for LOTS of credit cards when they used to give them away them away in the 80’s, and he had managed to work all her debts off (I think she helped, I remember her going to work when I was a kid).

He went on to explain that he never had a credit card, he only had a back account which he would deposit his checks into, He said credit cards allow you to buy something today you have to pay for tomorrow. The same as the man who wants a hamburger today, and will pay you Tuesday. He said many of his children, his wife and people he loved had gone into serious debt with college and credit card debts.

He was, before he died, the President of DH Pinette Roofing Company. When he started in the company, he was a roofer.

He told me, he paid his bills when they were due and put $10 away a week in a jar, and would buy food and save the rest. He must have done this for a long time because he was able to take my grandmother to dinner ever Friday night and breakfast every Sunday with me and my Gran. He also took us on road trips and to every fair practically in the state.

My grandfather told me that to be successful in life he thought it was MUCH more important to have SKILLS then a degree in college. I thought about my mother, whom is successful but still working off college debts. I had a flashback to “hiding” and locking the garage so the repo man couldnt repossess my mom’s car at one point. I don’t judge her for her decision to do college though. My mom had me at 16 in 1989, and my dad was not in the picture. I’m proud of my mom for following her bliss, all of them, and doing well for herself despite the statistics against her. She was the supervisor of OCS for the entire state of Alaska, She’s taught english at Qinhuangdao University in China, and now teaches AP Psych at a private school here in the US.

I still didn’t want to have debts. I mean, why go to college, to work hard and make money that’s mostly going to be sucked up by debts and bills anyways? Get a job, to get a house, which you are rarely at, because you have to work to afford what you can’t enjoy. There’s 168 hours in a week and we know most people are taking one full time job and one part time job to make ends meet. So at least 60 of 168 hours a week are spent at work and at 6 hours of sleep a night you can subtract 42 and 60 from 168 and get 66. That’s 66 hours a week you get to spend your way. Which didn’t seem fair to me for the lifetime of servitude. Specially since after your life of servitude, if you were lucky you get into a 401k, retirement job, and when you retire you were usually too old to enjoy your retirement, OR you got laid off your company before before your retirement, they never hired you back and you worked for nothing. To start over somewhere else? I watched this happen A LOT at the company I worked for.

I took the first year of Emily’s life off to breastfeed her and began sewing “inventory” with my daughter on the boppy pillow on my lap. I made clothing (as I had made my own cloths in high school), and “cozys” which were padded cases for things you didn’t want to break. At the end of the year I went back to work. With my high school diploma I got a job as a customer service associate for a major flooring distributor. I had worked all throughout my teenage years and was proficient on computers so it was easy to get the job with the right SKILLS. I watched people who had fabulous college degrees, but had NO SKILLS or experience get turned down over and over for my job. Between being laid off twice, I worked my way up to an administrative assistant over three years. I was still making inventory and began hand stamping jewelry when a friend told me about Etsy.

At LAST! I could put my skills to work! I opened a store and got paypal. Within two weeks of signing up for paypal I was getting orders. At the time I was selling jewelry, love pillows and sewn kids clothes.

I was laid off the last time and received unemployment for two years because I had now two kids. I used the money to pay our bills and buy supplies and tools to set myself up on etsy. By the time my unemployment ran out my husband and I agreed that I was making enough money for it to be beneficial for me to stay home, specially when factoring in daycare.

We had tried public school with my daughter for three months when we pulled her out and I began homeschooling her. At the time, I knew it was the right decision even though to this day everyone in our families think we should just send her back to public school. (Though they also unanimously agree she’s VERY smart for her age, they seem to miss the connection.)

Now, I didn’t go to college, but I didn’t just sit around and watch television either.

We also have never paid for cable. I began my own learning adventures after college, and spend A LOT of time reading and watching documentaries. This led my to my next source of income: youtube. I now make about $300/quarter from youtube alone. I put together videos and documentaries where I present my own theses and research and links and share knowledge. I love to follow the advances coming out in the quantum physics field, astrophysics, and I watch Suspicious0bserver’s every morning. I understand how we can anticipate earthquakes by watching incoming coronal mass ejections which come our way. I have woken up quite a bit since high school, in ways that college never could have done for me. Science is JUST beginning to connect the dots between the ancient hermetic teachings and the quantum physics field. It is easy to learn and keep track of advances in archaeology and science with all the independent new sources online. It was learning the true power and potential of the internet, for sharing information – and making money that helped me become successful.

My top tips on living debt free (which I learned through all this experience):

1-Ex the cable. Seriously, it’s expensive and you can watch all the stuff on the internet or download it FREE, plus it’s paying to be programmed (this television programming)…

2-GROW your own food. I have a polytunnel greenhouse. You can grow food all year and save SO much money (PLUS its healthier.) I compost and grow food all year round with solar heat collectors made from cans. There are tutorials on pinterest.And if you buy fruit trees and things that you use regularly you can save a lot of money annually. My kids could eat $8 in organic apples a week, that’s a lot annually. Learn the ways of grafting and growing and save $$$.

3- PINTEREST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Pinterest has saved me the most money of all. I’m SERIOUS. (Lot’s of guys I know have it too for rifle porn) Pinterest has made homeschooling cheap and easy, has taught me how to grow everything and do everything. How to be a prepper for cheap with couponing (omg the savings…$$$$.), how to do anything and everything, how to reuse things you have, how to be successful online… everything. Pinterest is the BEST. Pinterest is DIY heaven.

4-Develop a skill, even if it’s just one. my etsy store started out with jewelry and sewn stuff, but now is huge. My adventures down the rabbit hole of following the keys left through history gave me so much understanding and led me out of my own inner darkness, that I now make Orgone and sell it very successfully because I am known (on youtube) for doing and teaching energy work. But one thing I have noticed in unsuccessful shops is lack of customer service. I wrote about my customer service job because it was INCREDIBLY important to have GOOD customer service skills, good computer skills, and good grammar/handwriting skills BEFORE opening an etsy store. I would actually recommend working a crappy customer service job for AT LEAST one year BEFORE opening a store. In my administrative assistant job, I had to call people every single day and ruin their day. I had to tell them the backordered, non-cancellable, pallets of flooring they had spent $1000’s on, wasn’t going to be here for about 12 weeks, and “oh, I’m sorry you had an installation for today.” I got screamed at, cursed, hung up on, you name it. But dealing with angry customers (and normal ones) is essential. They leave feedback, and you want to be known for GOOD feedback.

5- Sell your extra junk. Not all of us live a “minimalist” life. I have been “cleaning out my house” for 3 years on Ebay. I have a store (CasondraAndCo), and sell new/good condition kids clothing, gear, toys, women’s and men’s clothing, gun accessories, vintage items, and whatever else. I’m known in my family for selling clothes, so since I have some shopaholics in my family, they give me bags of their clothing they don’t want anymore, or never wore, whatever, and I sell it on Ebay. I score stuff at the flea market and good will for cheap and sell it on ebay to people looking for it who pay more. I also have an amazon store. I read A LOT of books, and if they aren’t good, or someone hands me a box of books they are getting rid of, I sell them on amazon. Amazon is also great for selling dvds, music, video games and other things. You need to set up a SELLER ACCOUNT.

6- These days everyone has a cell phone, but how many people actually need their phone. I admit, I own a tablet. It’s a kindle fire hd, and I have a FREE unlimited txting app called txt plus. Everything I need to do on the mobile is done from my kindle fire and it doesn’t require any cost outside the initial cost, about $200. It’s picks up wi fi which is pretty much everywhere. I was spending $45/mt ($540/year) on straight talk service and having my kindle fire for 2 years has saved me $1080 in cell phone service bills.

7- Plan, budget and coupon crazy. I keep a ziplock with coupons I have collected and print out every week. There are many online resources, I learned most of the couponing tricks on pinterest, and I signed up for Joanne’s coupons, which Micheal’s honors as well (knowing competitor’s couponing policies). Walmart honors coupons. Plan your grocery list, print/aquire coupons, and save money. The organic food I buy comes from Hannaford or it’s home grown, and I print out coupons in advance to help with costs. I even find coupons for Tom’s fluoride free toothpaste for my whole family.

8- The COOLEST trick so far! SAVINGS CATCHER. Go to and sign up. Shop at walmart. When you get home, within 7 days add your TC receipt #  to your account and it will analyze every item and find out if there was a cheaper price anywhere else. If there was, you get the difference in price on a walmart gift card.  Easy way to shop and get the best deal regardless. I don’t like to support walmart, but I do buy some food there and craft items from time to time.

9- IF YOU CAN’T AFFORD IT DON’T BUY IT. It’s easy to impulse spend. When debating the items you are buying, try to stick to your list, and ask yourself if it isn’t on the list “do I REALLY NEED this, or do I JUST WANT it.”

10- YOUTUBE. Once I started making orgone and learning information I wanted to share it. I began making videos and when the first one got to 10,000 views I was asked by youtube to monetize. I signed on with ZoomInTV and have been making money ever since. People have become very successful on youtube once monetized. Whether you can sing, make stuff, do diy videos, documentaries, or anything you can put into a video, you can make money on youtube.

Now, my mother used to tell me that I wouldn’t be able to get a car or a house or anything with bad or no credit. And on credit alone, that’s true. However, dollars are better then credit. And we are presently saving to buy a $20,000 property which we plan to build an off grid earthship on. When we buy the property it will be ALL ours, no mortgage, no bank telling us how to build it, and no rent. Just the dreaded annual taxes. I would rather rent and save money for 5 years to buy our property in whole so that we can live debt free for the rest of our lives, and pass on the legacy of self sufficiency to my kids, instead of the legacy of debt, and working off debts. Without rent costs, mortgage costs, electric or heating costs, how would you spend your life?

I always say, “be the change you wish to see in the world, live the life you imagine.” Words from Henry David Thoreau. I take them to heart. So I do yoga in the morning, homeschool my kids, teach Joseph Campbell mantras about following your bliss and being a lifelong student, and I make orgone and do/teach energy work. I like to sew, feed my soul by creating things, and learn as much as my mind can take.   I’m happy, and I want my kids to be happy and successful too.

What is success? I would say success is the accomplishment of one’s goals. In that case, I am happy and successful and I want my children, and you to be as well. My happiness is your happiness.

11- Check your vices. When I was younger, we wasted A LOT of money smoking and drinking and having too much fun. I wish we had spent it wiser. I have even quit coffee, instead I drink tea with honey and sugar. Coffee, cigarettes, marijuana, alcohol, eating out, all these extras can soak up A LOT of money. Keep your receipts for 1 month – 1 year and see how much you spend per month and year on these items and if you can continue to justify it. Or use an expense tracker.

A few more notes on things you should have been told but never were:

– High school is NOT the best days of your life (and I pity the person who thinks they were). I wouldnt re-live mine for $1,000,000.

-Pesticide sprayed and genetically modified food is terrible for you. Think death food that causes cancer and brain damage and other horrible things. Specially artificial sweetener (aspartame, splenda, diet anything).


– Fluoride toothpaste and water is keeping you docile and  from thinking critically.

-Vaccines are linked to autism and Alzheimer’s among other things, and the mainstream media is lying to you.

-The Mainstream Media is all the newspapers, radio, television channels, magazines and media they put out to keep you thinking inside the matrix. Get these things out of your life and think for yourself. I started having a lot of questions my mind wanted answers for AFTER I moved out and had no cable. Then the research began. And don’t just regurgitate what you hear, think critically about everything, research both sides of anything, and realize all truths are but half truths.

-Be careful what you wear. The wisest of our society knows that people are poisoned by corporations to quell the population. Things like “deodorant” which you would think are harmless, are not. READ INGREDIENTS.  If your deodorant has ALUMINUM in it, you could be giving yourself breast cancer, and it IS the reason breast cancer is raising in numbers among YOUNG men AND women. Tom’s offers aluminum free deodorant and fluoride free  toothpaste. Pinterest has diy instructions for making both.


-There are many KNOWN cures for cancer. The best and first known being baking soda. That’s right for 88 cents you can cure your cancer. The second is BHo, or butane honey oil/phoenix tears, made from marijuana. My neighbor cured his with some wild mushrooms he swears by. My mother-in-law cured hers with a vitamin regimen. The point is, the doctor’s “stick by” their old school techniques because it indebts you for life pretty much, makes them money, and quells the population all in one. I havnt taken my kids to a doctor in years, nor have I been to one. We don’t need to. We keep healthy and I am a reiki healer with an arsenal of medical supplies and homeopathic remedies. In fact, I get offended when people ask me to “donate” to “find a cure” for freaking cancer. All you are doing is loading the pockets of the Susan Komen Cancer Foundation, and other organizations who have no intentions of releasing a cure. In the meantime the money they have raised, according to wiki – $400 million, could have cured EVERYONE’S cancer with baking soda by now.

-If you havn’t watched They Live, the movie from the 80’s. Go watch it right now, because it’s a reality.

This is THE MOST amazing time of change you ever could have been blessed to be alive in. The older folks stuck in the old paradigm standards are the ones I feel the most for. The television has my grandmother programmed to believe the internet is a dark, scary place that nothing can be trusted from. They make you believe everything I am telling you is lies. All I can say is experience is enough for me, and the others like me. While we cure our own cancers and ascend from darkness, they cover their eyes and ears and say “it isn’t true! It’s all lies! The television says so!”  My grandmother doesn’t understand why the information I share with her is “never on television.” No matter how much I explain they are bought and put out for disinformation and brainwashing or fearmongering purposes. Her frame of mind about the government’s encroaching police state and weapons and armor stockpile for ww3, is that “it’s not going to happen in my lifetime.” I actually think it will happen in her lifetime, she’s a pretty healthy old lady. We are the future generation of indigo, crystal, rainbow and platinum children who are changing the world and have the noncompliance attitude with old paradigms that dont work anymore. We don’t believe in sitting idly by, and when our children come to us understanding and ready we will not say “it is the way it is.” As our parents did. We will live differently, adapt, revolutionize the world, and help our children be the changes they wish to see in the world.

With energy work and advances in homeopathy, plus just knowing about environmental poisons like foods, water and products, you could live for hundreds of years by just taking care of yourself and avoiding cellular breakdown (physical death) caused by continuous poisoning of the self from vaccines, gmo foods, fluoride, pesticides and other environmental factors. I believe in my lifetime (as have already been revealed a few) people who live organically and take care of themselves will be able to live hundreds of years. On the opposite hand, people who do not are going to continue dying of cancers and other diseases before they even see 100. This man lived to be 256 years old.

And don’t think I fear death either –  quite the opposite. I also teach in my youtube how to ascend from 3d at death. I’m not the only one. Ascension by Susan Shumsky is a great book to start on your journey. Also, Earth, A Spiritual Trap by Edward Alexander is a great book as well. I look forward to returning to my energy body in the stars, but not until I’ve lived a long, healthy and fulfilling physical life here and left the keys for others to do the same.

So here’s to all of us, awaiting the great point of tipping: when more of the population is awake then asleep, and we can all co-create together, living the lives we dare to dream and revolutionizing the world together.

I hope these tips on saving money help you live the life you imagine ❤

Casondra Starseed



Casondra Starseed is 25 years old, lives in Maine, United States, with her two daughters, one cat, and loyal husband. She is also the author of The Starseed Conspiracy, and is writing another book called “Hands of Isis” which she is hoping to have done by Yuletime 2014.


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